Global Mobility Strategy Consulting

Helping organizations create efficiencies in their mobility strategies

Assignee populations and related program costs have soared in recent years due to significant global economic growth.  Further, the strategic importance of an effective globally mobile workforce has never been greater.  The challenge for many organizations is how to manage cost-reduction mandates while supporting global business growth objectives and retaining and rewarding the best performers.

How PwC can help 

We offer a full range of global mobility consulting services to help you realize the value of your mobility program including, but not limited to:

  • Policy review, design, and benchmarking
  • Alignment of program objectives with business objectives
  • Comprehensive solutions for managing a global mobility program
  • Due diligence and planning for new location set-up that pertain to international assignees and/or local hires
  • Custom tools for assignees, HR and finance, as well as business managers
  • Training programs for internal teams, including HR and payroll, as well as finance and accounting
  • M&A integration, including due diligence and other areas involved in M&A transactions that pertain to international populations
  • HR risk assessment and governance checking
  • International pension, benefit and compensation management
  • Social security and payroll planning

Address the issues affecting your mobility strategy

We can assist you in addressing the common issues affecting mobility strategy.

  • New locations (both host locations and sending locations)
  • An increasingly complex regulatory and governance environment
  • Changing policy perspectives
  • Market disruptors (technology, competition for talent, etc.)
  • The rise of short term assignees and frequent business travellers
  • Increasing cost pressures
  • Changing business imperatives and needs

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Perform an assignee inventory and review program performance

Our collaborative approach will help you perform an assignee inventory as well as a review of your overall mobility program performance.  Areas of focus could be:

  • Policy design and development
  • Policy benchmarking
  • Mobility strategy
  • Governance and risk assessment
  • Process framework
  • Policy communication
  • Program costs

These reviews can help you develop an end-to-end mobility strategy that addresses all facets of globalization affecting human capital within your organization.

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Manage the HR aspects of an international assignment

We’ll work with you to effectively manage the HR aspects of your international assignments, so you can avoid:

  • Overpayments and lost planning opportunities
  • Costly or inefficient processes
  • Dissatisfied employee experience
  • Decreased productivity
  • Increased administrative issues

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