Sustainable Business Solutions

In today's era of heightened accountability, your ultimate success is contingent on factors beyond revenue


Becoming a good corporate citizen

By enhancing your performance in areas like health and safety, social responsibility and environmental practices, your company will demonstrate good corporate citizenship. This means your organization and brand will build trust with customers, employees, neighbours and other stakeholders. This is a crucial step towards sustainable economic success.



What you need to know

Sustainability standards are stricter than ever and are constantly being updated. Failing to navigate this new landscape properly can get you in regulatory hot water and hurt your brand's reputation and prosperity.

Today's sustainability-friendly stakeholders, investors and consumers won’t tolerate questionable practices in this area. Increasing your credibility among external stakeholders will reduce costly issues and let you focus on your core business development.



Striving towards sustainability

Stakeholder engagement

Are you exceeding expectations? Gaining a clearer understanding of your stakeholders' sustainability concerns—while crafting strategies to address them—will allow you to meet their needs while remaining profitable.


Are you disclosing enough information about your sustainability practices? Releasing accurate information that’s beyond scrutiny will not only let you measure your performance through industry-accepted indicators but will foster trust and confidence with stakeholders.

Management systems certification

Do your operations meet industry standards? Enforcing stakeholder requirements across your entire supply chain will make sure your operations are meeting specific industry standards.


Our sustainability practice

Our Sustainability practice brings to the table relevant industry experience from such fields as science, engineering, forestry, economy and community development. You'll be talking to people that truly understand your industry-specific issues.

We support the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, a United Nations program with a set of 17 goals to achieve by the year 2030. Many of these goals are already being accomplished in Canada, and given our nation's environmental regulations, social education programs and current economic situation, we’re well positioned to be a role model for this program. We can help our clients understand the value of incorporating these goals into their strategy.



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