Providing performance assurance

Building commercial advantage from trusted information and reliable processes

Now more than ever, meeting greater board oversight expectations and providing transparency to internal and external stakeholders is essential. Your business must be one that customers, partners and investors can trust.

We provide custom end-to-end performance assurance solutions to give you an independent perspective. We can help you get the right level of assurance and confidence for your internal and external stakeholders.


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When you want to:


  • Know you’re making informed decisions
  • Keep ahead of the pack
  • Stay on the right side of the law
  • Remain compliant
  • Be trusted by your customers and
    internal and external stakeholders
We help you build your commercial advantage by proactively addressing financial and non-financial performance issues, including:
  • Reputational competitiveness
  • Supply chain integrity
  • Asset and operational integrity
  • Resource productivity
  • Environmental integrity/impact
  • Customer fairness
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Fair employment conditions
  • Business drivers
  • Business conduct

Our leader

Tony Pedari

Tony has more than 24 years of experience helping management
to define and implement cost effective risk management processes
for information and operational systems.

Contact us

Tony Pedari
Tel: +1 416 941 8226

Peter Hargitai
National Digital Risk Solutions Leader
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Jennifer Johnson
National Financial Services Leader & National Enterprise Assurance Solutions Leader
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