Digital assurance

Developing strategies to deal with emerging technologies, associated cyber threats and privacy issues is more vital than ever

Driving digital

While the digital age ushers in great opportunities, including both disruptive and emerging technologies, it also brings new and greater risks. As new technologies become a fundamental part of your organization, you cannot afford for them to fail. Making sure your information and other digital assets are secure is vital to protecting the integrity of your brand and maintaining trust among your customers and other key stakeholders.


What you need to know

With concerns over digital trust, privacy and information security growing more important by the day, customers are expecting and demanding that service providers take greater care of their personal information. You not only must protect customer data, but also make sure you have the appropriate consent to use it for the purposes you want. Making sure only those authorized to see the data can gain access to it is equally important. Business continuity and resiliency take on new relevance when your key assets or operations are only digital.

Digital assurance addresses those concerns through a range of different approaches, including initial and ongoing assessments, managing and monitoring the overall risk posture, applying more robust controls and deploying technology to help secure your assets, keep private data confidential and create stronger relationships for your business.

Are you ready for GDPR?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect on May 25, 2018, creating challenges—and opportunities—for every organization doing business in the European Union. GDPR may apply to Canadian businesses, since a business doesn’t need to have a physical presence in the European Union to be subject to GDPR.

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Payment card industry (PCI) program 

Optimize your PCI program by taking a risk-based approach to payment card data security.

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David Craig, Cybersecurity and Privacy Leader in PwC Canada’s Risk Assurance practice

“Creating appropriate cyber threat and privacy controls is not a barrier to success. It's an opportunity to build a brand that will have a competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

David Craig, Cybersecurity and Privacy Leader in PwC Canada’s Risk Assurance practice


Achieving digital assurance


Are your cybersecurity and privacy controls strong enough?

Performing extensive compliance reviews will help you design a roadmap of people, process and technology actions to meet ever increasing regulatory requirements such as Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL).


Are you following payment card industry guidelines or privacy principles?

For businesses that accept credit cards for payments, implementing the appropriate practices for securing credit card information allows you to achieve full compliance with payment card industry (PCI) guidelines—while remaining in good standing with your credit card providers by meeting their obligations.

Cloud and mobile assurance

Are your privacy and cybersecurity controls on cloud and mobile platforms stronger than on-premise approaches? Expanding your business by having a digital environment with the controls in place to protect customer data will let you mitigate risk in advance of key initiatives, so you can focus your energy on achieving performance objectives.


Our digital assurance practice

Our Digital Assurance team offers global capabilities on a regional basis. Our team has deep industry expertise across all sectors, including retail, health care, financial services, telecommunications, mining and the public sector, allowing us to offer industry-specific solutions for your digital assurance challenges. Our team has advised clients on a number of disruptive technologies including IoT, drone deployments, virtual reality and blockchain to name a few. We provide digital risk and readiness assessments, business continuity management, third party risk management, sustainability and commercial assurance options.

We can help you provide the assurance required by customers, shareholders, regulators and others that their digital assets are being secured and kept confidential. This will enable you to focus on growing your business.


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