Bankruptcy Documents

Page last updated: January 7, 2003

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Bankruptcy Documents

Supplementary affidavits received from the persons examined have been posted below. Also, due to the sensitive nature of this information, the six Adobe Acrobat PDFs below have been password protected.

411 KB Howard James Laurie Hickman, President
411 KB Affidavit re. Howard James Laurie Hickman, President
411 KB Albert Edgar Philip Hickman, Director
411 KB William Eric Parsons, V.P. - Sales
411 KB Explanatory Letter from William Eric Parsons' Lawyer
411 KB Minutes of the First Meeting of Creditors
411 KB Trustee's Preliminary Report to the First Meeting of Creditors,
dated April 17, 2002
411 KB Creditors' Package includes:
  • Notice of Bankruptcy and First Meeting of Creditors;
  • Notice of Stay of Proceedings;
  • List of Creditors;
  • Proof of Claim Form;
  • Notice and Statement of the Receiver; and
  • Draft Sale by Tender.
411 KB Certificate of Filing of Receiving Order, dated March 26, 2002

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