Nurturing growth critical to success in China / 食品行业——培养在中国成功所必需的成长环境


It’s a big world out there. For companies in the food and beverage sector that want to grow, expanding outside traditional markets can be daunting. The challenge only increases when different cultures, languages and regulatory regimes stand in the way. Yet for companies willing to think outside Canada’s borders, a number of countries offer unparalleled opportunities. Chief among these prospects is China.

Why China? Why now?

After a relatively cool period, the trade relationship between Canada and China is warming up. In September, the two countries announced they were entering exploratory talks related to a potential free trade agreement. Such a move highlights the possible synergies between the two countries and the value each places on working together. While any free trade agreement may be well down the road, the sentiment is that both governments are solidly supporting efforts to work together, especially in key industries like food production and manufacturing.

Big demand for Canadian products

Canadian products are highly sought after in China. From oil seeds and wheat, to dairy, beef and seafood, to consumer ready packaged foods, Canadian products are seen to be safe and produced to a very high quality standard. Over the past several months alone, a number of agreements between Canadian companies and Chinese companies and investors have been announced. For example, COWS Inc., an ice cream company based in PEI, partnered with China based Yintai Group to open a number of COWS stores in the group’s high-end shopping malls. Other recent deals involved the Canada Beef International Institute, Clearwater Seafoods, Whistler Water and Ocean Choice.

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This article was originally published in the November/December 2016 edition of Food in Canada magazine.




为何选择中国? 为何选择现在?

加拿大产品在中国备受青睐。 从油籽和小麦到乳制品、牛肉和海鲜,以及即食包装食品,加拿大产品被认为拥有极高的安全性和生产质量标准。仅在过去的几个月内,就有几家加拿大公司与中国公司和投资者之间签署了协议。例如,位于爱德华王子岛的冰淇淋公司COWS Inc.与中国银泰集团合作,在该集团的高端购物中心开设多家COWS店。近期其他交易涉及加拿大牛肉国际公司(Canada Beef International Institute)、加拿大海鲜渔业有限公司(Clearwater Seafoods)、惠斯勒冰河水(Whistler Water)和加拿大海洋精品有限公司(Ocean Choice)。



本文最初发表于2016年11月/ 12月版的“食品加拿大”杂志

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