Strategic value consulting

Apply a value lens to improve strategic decision making

Do you know the value impact?

All business decisions affect value, but do you know how much? Whether you’re rethinking your capital structure or considering a divestiture or acquisition, our strategic value consulting team can help you apply a value lens to business decisions and bring stakeholder value impacts into clearer focus to help:

  • improve decision making
  • build a stronger consensus among stakeholders
  • increase returns on your corporate and capital strategies

When you need to highlight the link between a management decision and the potential value impact, our strategic value consulting team can help:

  • identify and map the current value drivers of the business from the profit and loss statement and balance sheet
  • use public and private data to analyze economic profit and value creation deeper into the organization at a customer, product, business unit, division, plant or geographic level
  • assess the implications of strategic options and alternatives to identify options that increase shareholder value creation
  • help management prioritize capital spending and resources

Our team can help you analyze your current-state value performance using our Valuation IQ research platform for a capital markets, outside-in perspective and custom analytics. We can help you:

  • analyze how, when and where value creation takes place based on an analysis of capital returns
  • analyze total shareholder return based on performance metrics like required and excess returns on capital, changes in invested capital, revenue and margin growth and investor expectations
  • identify areas where you can create more value

Shareholder activism is expanding across the globe after its rebirth in the United States during the ’80s. In recent years, Canada has seen this activity increase due to a weaker Canadian dollar and a target-rich pool of small to medium-sized issuers. In some circumstances, it’s easier to accumulate a position in these targets’ stock, and they have fewer resources to mount a defence. If you're facing an activist investor, we can help provide the following support: 

  • independent and objective viewpoint of historical financial and governance performance, with advanced financial and technical rigour, to help increase credibility
  • analysis of key financial metrics against peers to determine level of performance compared to the market
  • recommendations on actions and disclosures that will support management in developing a positive investor story to refute short sellers and formulating a plan to increase shareholder value

Benefits of Strategic Value Consulting

Value creation for shareholders
Analysis allows for the identification of strategic opportunities to enhance and increase shareholder value.

Improved governance
An independent and objective viewpoint with increased financial and technical rigour that will increase credibility of decision making.

Unique insights
Access to industry and technical subject matter specialists across a variety of sectors.

New tools yield new insights
Sophisticated new tools combine the art and science of decision analysis and valuation, and yield equally sophisticated new insights.

Catalyst for change
Our involvement will reduce uncertainty around the decision making process to advance strategy implementation on a timely basis.

Solution to resource and capabilities constraints
Permits management to focus on day-to-day priorities.

When to reach out to us/When we can help

We’ll provide you with the insights to support decision making in a framework of increasing shareholder value and risk mitigation. Please give us a call any time, especially if you:

  • are looking for an independent and objective viewpoint on value
  • have recently been the target of an activist campaign
  • are uncertain where to invest capital in the business to increase shareholder value
  • are looking for help developing or clarifying your decision options
  • need added financial, technical or industry rigour in your decision process
  • have constraints on internal resources or tight timelines
  • need to defend your decision framework for governance or other purposes
  • want to evaluate the financial aspects of any potential transactions or dispositions

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