Public-Private Partnerships

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Creating effective alliances

Public-Private Partnerships represent an innovative way for governments to work with the private sector to provide high-quality public services at the best value.

We work with both governments and corporations, helping them create effective partnerships which provide value for money.

Public Sector

When working with the public sector our services include:

  • Business Case and Feasibility Analysis
  • Transaction Structuring
    • Allocating risks and responsibilities
    • Determining desired results and performance requirements
    • Determining the length of the PPP and conditions for assignment
    • Determining the payment mechanism to private
    • Developing the financing structure
  • Financial Analysis
    • Reference Bid
    • Public Sector Comparator
    • Value-for-money analysis
  • Transaction Execution
    • Developing and implementing the procurement process
    • Encouraging competition among bidders
    • Drafting the EOI, RFQ and RFP documentation
    • Evaluating bids
  • Financial Close
    • Assisting in negotiations
    • Assisting with legal documentation
    • Transaction closing

Private Sector

When working with the private sector our services include:

  • Bid Strategy
    • Analysis of business opportunities
    • Creating a consortium
    • Developing and drafting the financing plan
    • Managing letters of interest from financiers
  • Transaction Structuring:
    • Negotiating PPP terms
    • Developing financing plan and procurement process
    • Drafting the Information Memorandum
    • Reviewing credit enhancement alternatives
  • Financial Close
    • Assisting in negotiations
    • Assisting with legal documentation
    • Optimizing pricing
    • Transaction closing

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