Distressed investing

Manage complexity to unlock hidden value

Approach distressed investing with confidence

Canada has established legal frameworks that create opportunities to unlock value from distressed opportunities which are often overlooked. Companies in distress can experience external pressures that throw their enterprise value into turmoil. This leaves the door open for savvy investors to achieve superior returns. But finding the right distressed opportunity can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

The uncertainty of events that lead companies into distressed situations are often hard to evaluate. With our understanding of the factors that drive market inefficiencies, we can help you identify the right target, evaluate the opportunity, execute the deal and mitigate risk.



Distressed investing art

"Today's deal environment is fast and complex. We help clients to look ahead by delivering transaction opportunities and navigating the often unpredictable path to deal success in distressed situations."

– David Planques, Deals Practice Leader, PwC Canada

Six steps to optimize distressed investments

Distressed investing can provide the opportunity to identify and exploit overlooked opportunities in the market. That's where we come in, to help you find the right deals, move forward with confidence and execute an effective strategy.

Here are six steps you can take to unlock hidden value through distressed investing, and how we can help:


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Find opportunities

Go with experience when evaluating distressed opportunities.

By using our proprietary distress models, data analytics capabilities and global network, we can identify the right deal to meet your strategic objectives. Read more

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Develop a strategy for superior returns

Uncover opportunities that create lasting value.

Since distressed investments are often undervalued by the marketplace, there’s an opportunity for superior returns. But distressed opportunities are complex and can be influenced by many factors, including the original cause of distress, potential resolutions and the actions of creditors and other stakeholders. With this complexity in mind, we can help you develop a deal strategy and evaluate the financial and operational alternatives and post-deal outcomes—to stay ahead of changing dynamics and capitalize on the situation with confidence. Read more

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Perform due diligence

Move ahead at the right time with the right deal.

There are often hurdles when completing a thorough financial analysis on a troubled company, including complex legal issues and a lack of reliable data. We have industry expertise and data analytics capabilities to help fill the information gaps typically found in distressed situations. Read more

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Structure the deal

Build lasting value with a properly structured deal.

Achieve your deal objectives by properly structuring the transaction. Move ahead with reliable acquisition and financial advice, and be confident that your decisions can lead to enhanced performance, better returns and reduced risk. Read more

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Close with confidence

Fuel your future with a fair deal.

Do you have everything you need to close? Increased regulation and the threat of lawsuits are putting added pressure on fund managers, executives and boards of directors to make sure distressed acquisitions are financially fair and justifiable to shareholders and investors. We can provide a credible, independent and objective assessment of the financial fairness of the deal, giving stakeholders the confidence they need to close. Read more

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Realize deal value

Redirect distress into strength.

The deal is closed and now the team of investors and management have to act on the opportunities that made the investment worthwhile. Doing this in the context of a distressed investment brings a different level of complexity and refined focus than in typical deals. Our team has the experience and capability to jump in with you and make the necessary changes happen in the short, medium and long term. We advise you from inception through to when you eventually divest; and that consistency is what makes the difference in distressed investing. Read more


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