Sourcing Effectiveness Assessment (SEA)

Unlock the full potential of sourcing operations

Getting value for money from contracts and spend with third parties is an ongoing challenge for most businesses. This is especially true when services/products and contractual charging regimes are complex, difficult to understand and lack transparency. This often leads to a lack of commercial control and a loss of value.

Do you need a SEA?

If your organization exhibits any of the following symptoms, then you could benefit from a SEA:

  • Limited visibility and/or transparency into actual value derived from a sourcing relationship
  • Outsourcing service provider or shared-service centre has not delivered to competitive market standards
  • Need to reset delivery baselines and/or service levels
  • Change in business strategy or original rationale for sourcing decision
  • Contractual requirement with service provider(s) to execute mid-term third-party review/benchmarking clause
  • Existing contract(s) with service provider(s) approaching the expiration date

How PwC can help

Like most sourcing operations, yours can benefit from a Sourcing Effectiveness Assessment (SEA). Our disciplined assessment of performance will help you determine whether existing sourcing operations are delivering to the expected value, recognize opportunities to improve their value and advise on an actionable plan to help improve value from existing sourcing operations.

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