Sourcing Deal Review (SDR)

Helping you gain an independent perspective on your sourcing arrangements

Getting value for money from sourcing contracts and spend with third parties is an ongoing challenge for most businesses. This is especially true when sourcing-related services/products and contractual charging regimes are complex, difficult to understand and lack transparency. This often leads to a lack of commercial control and a loss of value.

Do you need an SDR?

If your organization is dealing with any of the following issues, then you could benefit from an SDR:

  • Limited visibility and/or transparency into actual value derived from a sourcing contract
  • Lack of understanding of a service provider's proposal with regards to terms and conditions in the Master Services Agreement (MSA), Statement of Work (SOW) and or Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Lack of insight into gaps, issues and risks in service provider’s proposal
  • Lack of insight into due diligence required prior to seeking board approval for a deal

How PwC can help

PwC’s SDR methodology provides the following benefits:

  • A comprehensive comparative analysis methodology that employs a holistic review of your environment
  • A thorough qualitative and quantitative analysis by experienced professionals
  • Business-minded decision making vs. deal focused, by leveraging knowledge of sourcing from both the buy and supply side

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