Turnaround and transformation in cybersecurity

The Global State of Information Security® Survey 2016 — Canadian insights

As cyber risks continue to rise, Canadian and global organizations are elevating their cybersecurity efforts to make them more strategic and overall, a business imperative. Our 2016 survey report shows that new tools are helping to transform cybersecurity frameworks, to establish holistic, integrated safeguards against cyberattacks. 157 Canadian respondents supported this view, and indicated that information security budgets are up 82% over 2014 (global 24%) and financial losses linked to security incidents decreased by 18% over 2014 (global –5%).  They also stated that there was a 160% increase in detected security incidents. And this upward trend is expected to continue. Our Canadian Insights report presents you with highlights on how Canadian companies are dealing with today’s cybersecurity challenges and how they compare to their global peers.  We look at the technologies and processes they are adopting as they rethink their cybersecurity strategies, and plan to anticipate and fight tomorrow's cyber threats.

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