Enterprise Architecture

Creating the blueprint of your business

Enterprise Architecture is to IT what a master plan is to a city. It helps guide development of IT by describing the goals and requirements of your business, designing components that work together to meet those requirements, and standardizing common business elements to reduce redundancy and wasted effort.

Developing a good architecture is fundamental to avoiding business-IT misalignments. In organizations with multiple IT initiatives, an enterprise architecture can focus and coordinate the organization’s technology investments to the needs of the business, improve the integration between services, and eliminate redundant investments while replacing them with standardized and cost effective common IT services.

How PwC can help

Our senior architects can work with you on:

  • Enterprise architecture development: Our advisors can help you develop an enterprise architecture with the quality and timeliness you require. Our business and technical specialists have deep experience in business, information, application, and technology architecture and have produced enterprise architectures for many key projects, organizations, and industries. Based on our experience, we can help you tailor frameworks to your needs while also helping you develop the governance and team structure, processes, standards required to make your enterprise architecture a success.
  • Enterprise architecture acceleration: Developing an enterprise architecture can be a complex, and time consuming process. Many organizations understand the benefits of enterprise architecture but simply cannot afford to delay key projects until an enterprise architecture is developed. When fast results are needed, PricewaterhouseCoopers has developed the Magna Carta™ methodology, which focuses on delivering the key architectural components that deliver immediate business value in a fraction of the time required to build a complete enterprise architecture. With our deep industry knowledge and our Magna Carta methodology we can “quick start” your organization on the road to an enterprise architecture.
  • Enterprise architecture assessment and optimization: PwC can help you assess your existing architecture – whether the architecture be for an enterprise, a project or a specific system. We provide independent and objective advice consistent with industry leading frameworks and can provide an objective assessment of how your architecture can be improved.
  • Enterprise Architecture for an RFP: In many organizations developing an enterprise architecture is a pre-requisite to an IT procurement. Many organizations treat these two processes as separate workstreams and re-write many of their materials developed for the enterprise architecture to meet the needs of an RFP. PwC can accelerate your procurement cycle using our Transform methodology. Through a combination of processes, software, and tools, Transform enables the requirements for an RFP and an enterprise architecture to be developed at the same time from a single common repository. This significantly reduces the time required to bring the RFP to market, while eliminating much of the costly re-work that typically occurs in enterprise architecture projects designed to support a procurement.

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