Client case studies: A new way of thinking: Using agile analytics to drive business intelligence

Client challenge

Our client is one of Canada’s leading pension funds, managing a diverse global portfolio of investments on behalf of its members. In order to support its five year information management strategy and roadmap, the company was interested in making its business intelligence activities more robust. As a part of this process, it wanted to determine whether an agile analytics approach to business intelligence could help them drive business value.


Our team conducted a six-week engagement focused on proving the value of agile analytics by using it to help our client improve its staff productivity measurement as well as its member and pensioner monthly reporting processes. As a result of our highly collaborative approach, we were able to develop dashboards that addressed many of our client’s immediate concerns by the end of the project. We also helped our client become more aware of the internal barriers that would hinder agile analytics within the organization (e.g. bottlenecks in data preparation, and obstacles in obtaining detailed data extracts such as lack of transparency, and ambiguous data ownership).

We’ve since identified a number of recommendations that would help our client implement a sustainable agile analytics function, in addition to facilitating knowledge transfer so that individuals within their organization are able to move this initiative forward.

Business impact

Our proof of concept approach allowed us to demonstrate the value of agile analytics while also providing the client with real solutions to existing problems related to its productivity reporting and monthly reporting processes. As one client representative said, “You accomplished as much in three (3) weeks that we would normally have accomplished in three (3) years.”

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