Unearth investment opportunities in Canada

There’s great potential in the mining industry in Canada. Whether you’re looking to start your own project or invest in existing operations, there are many issues to consider. Navigating political risk, environmental policies, merger and acquisition opportunities and tax legislation issues is key to ensuring the success of your venture.

Our team of industry professionals has specialized knowledge of the Canadian mining landscape. We advise non-resident investors on ways to help reduce Canadian tax on future disposition of shares whose value comes from Canadian real property or resource property.  Our corporate financial professionals can also help you manage through various mining transactions, which continue to change the landscape of this sector.  We help you anticipate deal opportunities and get it right by bridging the business, legal and cultural gaps.  Our professionals possess deep mining knowledge, experience in structuring deals and the know-how to manage risk and global resources.

From sharing our knowledge of the local tax environment to helping you forge key relationships and responding appropriately to deal opportunities, our team can help make moving into a new market a smooth process.

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Liam Fitzgerald

Liam Fitzgerald

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Stephen Mullowney, CPA, CA, CFA

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