Audit and Assurance

If it matters to Canada and to China, it matters to us

International audit and assurance environments can be complex. With regulatory and accounting standards changing quickly, having assurance over your financial performance and the operations of your business is a key factor in successfully expanding overseas. We can help you understand and meet regulations that are required to help you establish yourself in new markets.

The landscape for audit and assurance may often change, but our methodology is consistent all over the world. When working with us, you’ll know your needs are being met by a global network of knowledgeable, experienced professionals. And our relationship with you will be at the core of your success.

We would be happy to discuss your needs with you or address any audit or assurance questions you may have.

Our assurance services to you can include:

  • statutory financial statement audit or review services
  • assurance on reporting packages to parent company
  • assistance with reconciliations between international and local generally accepted accounting principles
  • conversion to International Financial Reporting Standards
  • audit on internal controls over financial reporting
  • assurance on specific financial information agreed upon amongst parties
  • internal audit functions

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