Financial Risk Management

Managing market credit and insurance risk

We help clients identify, measure and manage market risk (e.g. interest rate, foreign exchange, liquidity, equity, commodity, real estate, etc.) credit risk and insurance risk arising in the course of business activities and through the use of financial instruments.

In the areas of framework and systems, we help clients develop and implement financial risk management frameworks for all key financial risks, including commodities, cash management, foreign exchange, and in selecting and implementing financial risk management systems (corporate treasury, trading).

Current areas of focus include:

  • Corporate treasury
  • Asset liability management (interest rate risk management)
  • Energy trading and marketing risk management
  • Commodity trading and marketing
  • Financial services risk management and trading
  • Basel II services
  • Credit risk management
  • Operational risk for financial services operations
  • Financial instrument revaluation services
  • FAS 133 process and accounting expertise

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