Cities of Opportunity 7

Toronto rises to 3rd as one of the best cities to live and work

Cities of Opportunity 7 is a benchmark of 30 global cities against an extensive set of 10 indicators and 67 underlying variables to gain insight into what makes cities thrive.

Released September 2016

PwC’s biennial global study, Cities of Opportunity 7, benchmarks 30 global cities against an extensive set of indicators and underlying variables to examine the social and economic factors that contribute to a city’s desirability and resilience.

This year, Toronto rises one spot to 3rd overall out of 30 cities, remaining in the company of global powerhouses such as London (#1), Singapore (#2), Paris (#4), Amsterdam (#5) and New York (#6).

Toronto’s results were interpreted through three lenses: its quality of life, economic potential and connectivity – the city’s ability to connect and move its people using its technology and transportation infrastructure. Overall, Toronto’s rise from fourth to third place can be attributed to its consistently strong performance in the first two categories. It ranks #1 in Quality of Life, second in Health, Safety, Security, and within the top 10 for Ease of Doing Business (#4), Intellectual Capital & Innovation (#4, tied with Amsterdam), Entrepreneurial Environment (#5) and Technology Readiness (#9). 

However, the city continues to be challenged by connectivity factors which impact its ability to efficiently move and connect its people, businesses and communities. Study results show room for improvement in areas such as Traffic Congestion, Mass Transit Coverage, Airport Connectivity and Broadband Quality to advance the connectivity and productivity of the city.

How does Toronto compare against the other 29 cities as a destination to live and work? What are the lessons Toronto can take away from leading cities such as London, Singapore, Paris and Amsterdam?

Access the full global report and city comparisons here.

Ingredients of a healthy city life

quality of life

Toronto’s diversity and access to health care, social services and education make Toronto one of the best cities to live in.

Toronto holds its reputation as a stable and promising business centre for entrepreneurs.

 Enhancing Toronto’s technology and transportation infrastructure is critical to its success as a truly connected city.

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