18th Annual Global CEO Survey – The Canadian Summary

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see cross-sector competition in the next three years.


of CEOs view cyber-security as a top threat to their business.


have a diversity and inclusion strategy in place.




What are CEOs saying?

"Having a vision and knowing where you're going and knowing where your customer is and where customers are moving to is ever more important for a CEO to stay focused and keep the organisation focused on the customer."

David I. McKay President and Chief Executive Officer, RBC

"You ignore these disruptors [digital technologies] at your peril. You try to understand everything from a client point of view and because we know clients are using multiple channels, you need to understand their touch points as you build that relationship with them."

Victor Dodig President and CEO, CIBC

"The big issue for us is to provide a context for innovation, a context where we can bring our people to think differently and think about the future."

Monique Leroux President and CEO, Desjardins Group

"We're going to be making these big decisions on the basis of analytics. But in some cases, comprehensive information is not always available to the extent we would like."

Bruce McCuaig CEO, Metrolinx

"I think by being open and transparent we're going to create new opportunities that we haven't imagined yet."

Steve Orsini Secretary of the Cabinet, Ontario





PwC’s 18th Annual Global CEO Survey, launched at the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, provides insights on the issues top of mind for CEOs in Canada and around the world.



As a part of this year’s Global CEO Survey, we spoke with CEOs from across Canada to obtain their perspectives on everything from growth trends and models of business to digital transformation and talent management.

Canadian CEOs told us they are looking seriously at how they grow their businesses, in non-traditional ways– from restructuring to finding more cost effective ways to conduct work. 80% of Canadian CEOs expect to enter a strategic alliance or joint venture over the next year, compared to just 51% of their global counterparts.

There’s little doubt that competition is growing in Canada. What’s unique is where the competition is coming from. In fact, only 14% of Canadian CEOs do not expect to see a significant competitor from outside their industry emerging. This increased competitiveness is prompting Canadian businesses to look beyond their industry for new business ventures and opportunities. Over a third (36%) of Canadian CEOs have entered a new industry within the past three years.

Canadian business leaders are finding real value in the way digital allows them to improve efficiencies, make decisions and reach new and existing customers. In fact, 84% of Canadian CEOs believe mobile technologies for customer engagement are strategically important. However with opportunity come risks, cybersecurity and speed of technological change tops the list as the top two business threats facing Canadian businesses today.

Creating a culture of innovation using broad skill sets to meet the ever-changing demands of the market isn’t easy. Diversity is seen as a component of talent management with over 66% of Canadian CEOs saying their company has a diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategy in place.


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