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Cashflow Coach

Get a glimpse of your financial future

Cashflow Coach is a short-term, cash flow prediction app that pulls in data from your Xero cloud accounting general ledger and uses machine learning to predict cash balances over the next 6 weeks. This allows you to see what you’re going to be paid and how much cash you need to have on hand to pay out.

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Why choose Cashflow Coach?

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Forecast your future

Get a glimpse of what your cash position could look like over the next 6 weeks—allowing you to be informed and take action earlier, all while on-the-go.

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Real-time predictions

It’s simple. Connect and get an automated estimate of your future cash flow whenever you want, wherever you are. And by setting up smart alerts that let you track every movement in real time, you'll have no more excuses for going over your overdraft limit.

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Sign up for free and get an easy-to-use solution to help you manage your cash flow.

How to get started with Cashflow Coach

Running out of cash is the number one worry for business owners—small and large. Cashflow Coach removes that worry by keeping you more informed, giving you more confidence. And it only takes a few minutes to set up!

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1. Register

Create an account and begin using Cashflow Coach for free.

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2. Connect

Connect your cloud accounting software to import the relevant information.

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3. Start

Cashflow Coach will start to make its predictions based on the information in your ledger.



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