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A PwC Product

Active Workforce

Your employee experience platform delivering on the future of work.

Engage, empower and inform your workforce through your existing chat technology. No new software, no new workflows — all new efficiencies.

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Why choose Active Workforce?


Using mobile or desktop, provide your people with instant access to the right information at the right time, while increasing internal efficiencies. 


Send notifications to your people about topics like upcoming events and outstanding tasks, or even survey your people.


Active Workforce sends management daily insights on the employee experience, highlighting organizational blindspots.

How to get started with Active Workforce

Engaged, empowered and informed employees create an Active Workforce.

Book a demo today and say hello to Active Workforce — the employee experience platform helping you deliver on the future of work.

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1. Speak to us

Book a demo to learn how Active Workforce can help improve your organization and your employees' efficiency.

2. Integrate Active Workforce into your business

Sign up for Active Workforce and drive additional value through your company's existing chat solution.

3. Engage your employees

Help your employees access important information to make their work life more efficient.


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