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Looking to grow? Find the growth strategy that’s right for you.

Growing and financing your business

Long-term, consistent growth is hard to achieve. As private company executives accelerate growth efforts, decisions about where to invest can be overly influenced by external market factors—without clear insight to where their best growth opportunity may be. Avoiding the temptation to grow where capabilities are weak is just as important as knowing how to grow where you’re strongest.

Our Private Company Services team helps you find the growth strategy that’s right for you. Whether you’re looking to refocus within your existing business, expand your reach into a new market or even turn your market upside down, we focus on only one thing—your success—to help you turn your vision into reality.

How PwC can help

Maximizing the value of your business

  • assess what your business is worth

  • develop succession strategy

  • identify tax planning and structuring opportunities
  • identify revenue enhancement opportunities to potentially increase valuation
  • provide support throughout the sales/closing process

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  • review and analyze target company's tax position, with a focus on purchase price issues and purchase agreement considerations

  • provide transaction structuring strategies, including advice on; purchase price allocation, pre-acquisition or disposal reorganizations, financing structures' tax efficiency and financial modeling

  • advise on post-acquisition reorganization/integration

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Corporate Finance

  • divestiture advisory: we advise companies throughout all stages of the sale process, from defining the business to be divested, to evaluating your strategic and financial options, identifying domestic, international, corporate and financial buyers, and leading the negotiation process

  • financing solutions: our team advises businesses on all aspects of their debt and equity needs, helping borrowers and shareholders alike execute and achieve their financing objectives on the most advantageous terms

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Power your deals through data

  • access enhanced insights to better inform the decision-making process around deal strategy and rationale

  • shorten the deal timeline while reducing disruption to the business with smart use of data and analytics during transformative events like M&A, divestitures, or joint ventures

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Capabilities driven growth

  • develop an operating model that brings your strategy to life

  • achieve sustainable success by growing in a way that fits your capabilities system and value proposition

  • identify your unique areas of strengths, and build and manage the capabilities that are required to win with your strategy

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Sabrina Fitzgerald

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