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Wealth Oversight

Helping families navigate the complexities of managing wealth

Your assets. Your legacy.

Managing and protecting your wealth with confidence in today’s complex world isn’t simple. But it is possible. It just demands oversight that combines a deep understanding of your goals and the experience needed to get you there.

Building and preserving your family legacy is important. You want alignment between your investment strategy and your family’s purpose and values. And you need the right balance between your lifestyle needs and legacy intentions.

But capturing these guiding principles in a coherent investment strategy can be challenging when multiple investment advisors manage different segments of your portfolio—a common scenario for many high-net-worth individuals and families.

A tailored approach

As a high-net-worth individual or family, you face unique challenges and demands when managing your wealth and planning for the future.

We can simplify the effective deployment of your wealth into assets that will appreciate in value to meet your family’s needs and objectives. Our approach integrates performance reporting, oversight of asset management and your investment managers’ strategies and allocation. Our team’s expertise, combined with the quality of our reporting, gives you confidence that your objectives are kept in sight.

How we'll get you there

Effective wealth governance

Our approach starts with a detailed discovery process. This guides the design and implementation of a governance structure to facilitate the stewardship of your wealth. Knowing your family’s investment plan stays aligned with your goals and within your risk tolerances frees you to enjoy other important areas of your life.

Aligned with your objectives

You’ve worked hard to build your family’s wealth. You may have significant investments in real estate, securities and artwork. And you want to understand how that wealth is invested, protected and distributed. It’s important to align your investment strategy to meet your goals. By focusing on your goals, we will help you achieve your mission and purpose—helping you achieve your unique family-directed results and protect your legacy.

Monitoring and measuring to achieve your objectives

Quarterly performance reports provide a consolidated view of the progress you’re making toward your goals. Focusing on your goals makes interpreting investment results far more intuitive. And you’ll see analysis that integrates wealth data from across your portfolio.



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