Build your family legacy

Keeping the business in the family, succession planning and exit strategies to protect your wealth for future generations.

Planning your succession and creating a family legacy

Succession planning is on the mind of every private business owner, and planning the hand-off without disrupting business as usual is a lot to take on. Our Private Company Services advisers make sure every aspect of the transition is taken care of. From selecting the right leadership team to accounting for your personal goals, we put our knowledge and experience to work and create a plan that’s right for you and your business.

But it doesn’t stop there. With a holistic point of view, we’ll make sure your personal needs are accounted for too. We put our knowledge and experience to work and create a plan that’s right for you, your business and your family so your legacy is protected.

Informing your heirs and family members about wealth transfer plans is critical to making sure your legacy will endure the passage of time.


How PwC can help

Will reviews

  • review your existing will, tax planning and estate planning to reduce effort and fees

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Distribution planning

  • devise a plan to distribute wealth to yourself and your dependents

  • employ various trusts to minimize tax liabilities

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Tax planning and strategy

  • enhance tax process management and controls
  • redesign and redeploy tax to be a strategic business asset
  • reduce financial reporting risk
  • improve compliance

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Succession planning

  • assess your leadership needs

  • develop a plan to identity and groom potential leadership candidates

  • plan for the gradual handoff of management functions

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Rethinking your talent

  • design and implement organizational transformation

  • improve the effectiveness of your workforce

  • develop and move talent around your business

  • manage your human capital risk

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