US Immigration Webcast: Current and anticipated changes to US immigration under the Trump Administration

Since the inauguration of President Donald Trump there have been many developments with respect to US immigration rules. These changes may in certain situations have an impact on employees of multi-national organizations, whether travelling to the US or working in the US.

This webcast, held on March 15, 2017, examines how the Executive Order impacts corporate immigration and international business travellers, and provides updates on the latest immigration developments including anticipated legislation.  It looks at the importance of corporate immigration compliance and includes discussion about:

  1. An update on the temporary travel restriction on travellers from seven (now six) designated countries
  2. Protecting American jobs, potentially by reforming visa requirements
  3. Strengthening the borders (higher levels of scrutiny placed on travellers, the erection of physical barriers constructed between international borders, and more)
  4. Changes to the EB-5 program, which allows individuals to obtain a green card through investment, and
  5. The entrepreneurial visa program.

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January 27th US immigration webcast: Donald Trump’s recent Executive Order on immigration and its effects on travel to the United States.

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