Further Proposals to Enhance Compliance with Temporary Foreign Worker Program and International Mobility Program

Alert Date: July 9, 2015


The Express Entry Program, which was implemented on January 1, 2015, is an application management process for foreign nationals to apply for Permanent Residence (PR) under certain economic immigration programs. To be considered for an Ontario nomination, candidates must qualify for Express Entry under one of the following categories: Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW), Federal Trade Worker (FTW) or the Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

Minimum funds - Low Income Cut-Offs (LICOs)

Foreign nationals must be able to demonstrate a minimum level of savings/income to support themselves and their dependents when applying for PR under the Opportunities Ontario: Provincial Nominee Program (OOPNP). The minimum amount of funds in the applicant's name must be shown and the amount is based on family size in accordance with LICO. Foreign nationals must provide copies of their bank statements for six months prior to the submission of their OOPNP application.

Two new streams

In June 2015, two additional streams were created for skilled workers to live and work permanently in Ontario: Human Capital Priorities Stream and the French Speaking Skilled Worker Stream.

The two new additional streams enable the OOPNP to nominate individuals who meet the criteria under the Express Entry Program, which is composed of age, education, language, ability and other components, to evaluate their ability to successfully integrate into Ontario's labour market and community.

Individuals selected under either stream will receive a Notification of Interest and will have 45 days to apply for a stream. Once a candidate is selected and notified of their nomination, the candidate will have 30 days to accept the nomination.

Exceptions to the Human Capital Priorities Stream

Foreign nationals will not be able to apply for OOPNP under this category if:

  • They are a refugee claimant in Canada;
  • They were not accepted into the Express Entry Pool; or
  • They have not received a Provincial/Territorial Notification of Interest from Ontario.

Exceptions to the French Speaking Skilled Worker Stream

To apply under this category, a foreign national must demonstrate a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) French-language level of 7 or above in all areas of language competencies, which include reading, writing, listening and speaking. Foreign nationals also must show a CLB level of 6 in English in all competencies. Once a foreign national receives a Notification of Interest from Ontario, they will be eligible to apply for OOPNP under this stream.

Benefits to foreign nationals

The opening of additional streams for OOPNP allows targeted qualified foreign nationals to apply under these new categories for Express Entry to Ontario, leading to Canadian PR of the foreign worker.

For further details regarding the eligibility criteria and for support in applying for permanent residence under the Express Entry program, please contact a member of our team.


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