Addressing issues for all players in the trucking industry

No matter what business you're in, if you move a physical object from one location to another, you probably rely on the trucking industry. This sector has experienced a number of challenges over the years: it is fragmented and not always profitable, and even its biggest players have faced issues around restructuring or insolvency. If third-party logistics companies and their customers ignore the issues impacting the trucking industry, they do so at their peril.

Whether you are a third-party logistics firm or a company that relies on one, there are numerous issues you need to consider when thinking about trucking. These include cost effectiveness, supply chain and supplier risk issues, compliance with customs regulations and other cross-border issues, and the environmental and social factors involved in choosing the right service provider. And if you run a private trucking company, you are probably looking for ways to better professionalize your business in our current volatile economy. This means taking a more focused approach to your auditing and tax issues.

How PwC can help

Our Transportation and Logistics practice has both the operational and business experience to assist all players involved in the trucking industry. We have a great deal of logistical experience across various industries, and we can use this to solve complex logistical problems. We can help manage supply chain issues and provide a reality check to companies drawing up contracts with trucking firms. Our Sustainable Business Solutions team can address environmental/emissions concerns you may have, and our Indirect Tax people have a broad knowledge of customs laws.

If you run are a trucking company, our Private Company Services and Corporate Advisory and Restructuring practices are there to help you not only survive the current economic downturn, but prosper and grow after we come out of it.

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