Digital is table stakes

Giving citizens the digital government they want

Citizens’ expectations are being shaped and influenced by their experiences across the spectrum, from luxury retail to technology. Becoming a truly digital government will help meet their expectations.

A global scan of leading citizen-centric practices reveals that governments in Canada can do more by harnessing the right technology to build trust and transform.

Let’s take a closer look at digital trends that will help governments get ahead…


Think digital first

Adopting a digital-first mindset lies at the heart of faster and better service delivery. Some of the things citizens want are consolidated IDs, digitally available permits and information as well as digital applications and approvals. Other benefits? Efficient and cost‑effective processes. 

Digital government done right

UK | Digital by Default

The UK’s Digital by Default Service Standard is a set of criteria that digital teams building government services should meet. It aims to provide digital services that are so simple and convenient that all those who can use digital services will choose to do so, while those who can’t aren’t excluded.


Mobile now

Citizens want to use their mobile devices to access services on the go, from submitting applications to accessing information.

A mobile government provides localized services that add value to the user, such as sending road condition updates or creating a specialized mobile app that allows citizens to prepare for their driver’s license test. Full integration with online services is key for a seamless citizen experience.

Digital government done right

US | Driver’s test prep app

The US government promotes the use of mobile app-based services throughout departments and agencies that are integrated with online channels. For instance, Utah’s driver’s license test takers can prepare on an app.


Omni channel

By enhancing multichannel capabilities, governments can provide services through various channels including mobile, website, branch, phone and even watches. Applications can be started and fulfilled on different channels.

Digital government done right

United Arab Emirates | Abu Dhabi Contact Centre

Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Centre’s contact centre is one element of a multi-channel approach that also includes mobile apps. It builds on the technology and information of Abu Dhabi’s digital government portal to provide services through other channels.


Leveraging citizen data

Citizens tell us they’re willing to share their tombstone data across ministries and levels of government to get customized services. Governments can use customer data to proactively provide the right services to citizens when and how they need them.

Digital government done right

Singapore | My eCitizen

Singapore’s My eCitizen portal provides citizens the option of receiving proactive notifications through text messages from the government on diverse matters from library book reminders to passport renewal.


Tracking and transparency

Citizens are demanding to stay informed and want to know the status of their applications and permits on the go. Allowing access to this information will increase transparency and improve service delivery. It will also reduce calls and visits from citizens.

Digital government done right

Denmark | Min Side (My Page)

Denmark’s Min Side (My Page) provides citizens with a central personalized view of their transactions.


Cyber security

Governments have critical information on their servers, and this will only increase in the digital world. Today, risk and cyber attack incidents are increasing. Protecting data and reassuring citizens that their data is secure are critical.

Digital government done right

Estonia | Response to DDoS

Estonia improved its cyber security policies and practices in October 2008 after the denial-of-service attacks in May 2007. Improvements included setting strategic goals and measures, recommending regulatory and legal framework adjustments and emphasizing international coordination to address cyber threats.


Efficiency is key

To give citizens the digital and quality service delivery they’re looking for, operational excellence and efficiency are key, supported by the right technological tools.

Digital government done right

UK | Access Harrow

UK’s London Borough of Harrow has been working through its Access Harrow program to improve access to council services and add greater levels of process automation across channels, including telephone, walk-in, paper and web.

On-Demand Webinar: Building a digital government of the future

On-Demand Webinar: Building a digital government of the future

On January 26th experts from the United Kingdom and Australia spoke to the power of digital government. It's time to learn from other nations who are currently on the path to becoming truly digital. Watch the webcast now!

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