Education Matters

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Fall 2013 issue

Video: The application and student journey - Dominic Belmonte discusses creating a positive experience for students

Internal Audit plays a critical role in promoting improvement and innovation, finding cost-efficiencies in service delivery and evaluating risk. It presents opportunities for education institutions to improve internal controls and establish stronger corporate governance.

In this issue of Education Matters, we’ll explore the challenges leaders in education face and how a strong internal audit function can help. Specifically, we look at:

  • what to consider before establishing an internal audit function
  • leading practices in internal audit at the school board and university level
  • leading practices for implementing audit committees
  • how to engage students throughout their higher education experience

By sharing these stories, we hope to help you evaluate the practices you currently have in place and explore ideas to address future challenges. Be sure to reach out to our Education practice team to start a conversation about how we can help.