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Why PwC?

PwC is one of the largest healthcare professional services firms and one of only four global consulting networks with leadership positions in each of the key sectors of Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences, Payer, Provider, and Government Healthcare consulting. Our global network of more than 5,000 health professionals includes leading minds in medicine, bioscience, information technology, clinical operations, medical cannabis, business administration and health policy. PwC’s thought leadership and extensive research gives our engagement teams’ access to competitive intelligence, perspectives on leading practices, and analysis of trends affecting health-related industries.

PwC’s global reach and resources help governments, businesses and healthcare industry players accomplish their missions in today’s dynamic, competitive environment. We provide health organizations with professional guidance not just on healthcare issues in their local markets but also on operating in global markets, developing a broad mix of service lines that may include foods, manufactured goods, mobile communication devices, and information systems. We have a proven track record in working with clients to improve operational performance in many functional areas.

PwC’s global network of firms provides comprehensive advisory services: management consulting, business assurance, tax, finance, advisory services, human resources solutions, and business process outsourcing services. PwC’s breadth of experience in many industries and functional areas is especially valuable to clients as healthcare becomes increasingly interconnected with other industries.

Our clients benefit from our thought leadership initiatives. We also bring lessons learned and relevant leading practices that emerge from engagements with other industries such as consumer products, telecommunications, and manufacturing.

PwC’s unique qualifications in the healthcare industry

PwC's experience and expertise goes beyond geographic and functional boundaries. We understand the entire healthcare system and the dynamics that drive it. With a global network of firms that advise governments and private enterprises on every aspect of business performance, we apply intellectual capital developed in engagements around the world and across industries to our clients' most complex problems.

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Trusted advisors

With engagements in every sector of the healthcare industry, PwC has earned the trust and confidence of governments and healthcare organizations worldwide. We have helped governments with major health reforms and public health policy initiatives. We have helped private enterprise implement strategies and solutions to achieve their performance objectives.

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Industry depth and specialization

PwC’s client teams consist of a broad range of experts, including medical practitioners, nurses, clinicians, biomedical and pharmaceutical specialists, health policy experts and others with deep industry knowledge. We bring to healthcare engagements a depth of understanding and practical experience that can come only from people who have dedicated their professional lives to this industry.

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Thought leadership

The Health Research Institute (HRI), PwC’s dedicated health research unit, conducts original, fact-based research and publishes analyses and viewpoints on topics of vital interest to a healthcare industry that is increasingly going global. Thought leadership also comes from PwC’s experiences with clients in diverse industries throughout the world; through our international CEO roundtable series, Bending the Cost Curve, collecting lessons and viewpoints from the top minds in the industry; and from our network of PwC firms, whose experts collaborate across borders to address national and regional issues in healthcare.

PwC is acknowledged as a global leader in acquiring knowledge and applying it to clients’ challenges. A panel of Fortune 500 senior executives recently ranked PwC as one of the Global Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises, above all other professional services organizations. PwC has won this prestigious acknowledgement nine times, cited for "transforming enterprise knowledge into shareholder value."

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