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Welcome to the new Art of mining

The mining industry is embracing transformation and reimagining the possible, powered by a dynamic workforce, new technologies and diverse ideas. It’s a time to innovate boldly to create new value, including higher productivity, lower costs, safety improvements and enhanced partnerships with industry and community stakeholders. This year’s reimagined Art of mining photography competition asked participants an important question:“What does mining transformation look like to you?” 

It’s an opportunity for Canadian mining organizations to spotlight digital transformation and the positive impact the industry has at home and abroad. And this year, our new digital voting campaign will give everyone the chance to cast their vote and have their say in which photograph best captures transformation in the industry. Submissions are now closed. Thank you to all of the amazing organizations who submitted a photo to this year’s Art of mining. Vote now to help determine the winners! It promises to be a photo finish.

2019 photo submissions

Voting is now open! View the photos below and read what the applicants believe mining transformation looks like to them. Then click on a ‘Vote now’ button to open our voting platform.

Barrick Gold Corporation photo submission- Frog on jacket
Barrick Gold Corporation

"HIPPITY HOPPITY: Mining transformation looks like sound environmental stewardship. For example, critical research led by Barrick’s Pueblo Viejo mine in the Dominican Republic contributed to the reclassification of the giant tree frog and the yellow tree frog from endangered to vulnerable by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). These frogs are endemic to the island of Hispaniola, of which the Dominican Republic accounts for half."

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First Mining Gold Corp. photo submission
First Mining Gold Corp.

"Not all transformations are visible. First Mining values its strong and trusting relationship with each indigenous community within our project areas, and recently signed a negotiation protocol agreement with three indigenous communities at our flagship Springpole Gold Project in Ontario. As our projects are advanced through exploration, permitting and construction, we are excited to build additional long-term relationships which will create economic benefit and employment opportunities locally."

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Gran Colombia Gold Corp.

"At 28, Jenifer Hoyos is one of the first women in Colombia certified to operate heavy mining equipment underground. Not so long ago, women like Jenifer had to look outside of mining for skills training and jobs to support their families. Through its training program, Gran Colombia expects to have another seven women certified as underground operators by the end of 2019. Although this will still only represent about 10% of the equipment operators in Gran Colombia’s work force at its Segovia Operations, it is a monumental step forward in the integration of women into local mining operations in more than just an ancillary role, ensuring employment opportunities are the same for all, regardless of gender. At Gran Colombia, mining transformation is embracing diversity to meet the needs of our local communities as we prepare our operations for the future."

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Hudbay Minerals Inc.

"This is what transformation looks like. A little more than six weeks before this photo was taken, this was the site of Hudbay’s Reed mine in Manitoba. Reed was designed to be an unobtrusive mine. For example, trees were left along the highway next to the site. In summer, it was very hard to see any of the mine. The repair shop was dismantled piece by piece, to be rebuilt elsewhere. The site will rest over winter of 2018/19 before active reclamation begins."

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IAMGOLD Corporation

"Digital technology transforms how we acquire data: Mobile scanners allow a huge transformation in our methods of acquiring data. The photo shows a mobile scanner, called the Raiseview, used at our underground Westwood mine in a raise more than 280m deep that cannot be accessed safely. With this new technology, we are able to get more detailed information, more quickly, about the condition of our critical infrastructure and make timely, informed decisions about how we mine the ore body."

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IDM Mining

"To pass the wisdom and experience of operating safely and efficiently to a new generation, in the challenging conditions we routinely face in mining."

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Jaguar Mining Inc.

"Transformation begins when mining offers equal opportunities for all."

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Lundin Mining Corporation

"At our Swedish operation Zinkgruvan, a young girl explores her interest in mining at the controls of a drilling simulator. One of our social performance goals is to get young people, particularly young women, interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. With the adoption of new technology, like tele-remote operated equipment, we’re not just transforming the way we mine but cultivating the next generation of miners who will be leading this innovation in the future."

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Lupaka Gold Corp.

"Mining transformation will create opportunities for all employees to contribute to, and have a say in, the success of a mining operation."

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Major Drilling Group International

"Digitization and automation of mining continues to advance at a rapid pace. These improvements help many areas of the mine, but one of the most substantial is the impact on the miners of the future. In an industry traditionally dominated by men, these innovations are opening doors for more women and other non-traditional candidates. This expands opportunities for a diverse group of employees who want to combine technology and innovation to help fuel the world's demand for raw materials."

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Midland Exploration

"As a prospect generator, we are at the beginning of the mining chain. We see the beauty and the potential of Quebec, Canada on the field every day. We firmly believe that the future of mining will have to be in harmony with all the pillars of sustainable development. Notably, social acceptability and the respect of the environment will have to be present in each project to be developed."

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Quebec Iron Ore

"The evolution of mining is represented by the transition to more sustainable and responsible mining methods. In this photo, the conveyor reduces the need for trucking, resulting in a decrease in fuel oil consumption and an increase in energy efficiency."

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Monarques Gold Corporation

"Innovative, fully electric, unmanned ore transport system back to surface."

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Noront Resources Ltd.

"The mining industry is being transformed in remote parts of Canada by the participation of local community members and the integration of traditional knowledge in project design and approvals."

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NOVAGOLD Resources Inc.

"The evolution of an industry that can responsibly coexist with the environment and its people."

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Pan American Silver

"Created wetland safeguards water quality in Morococha, Peru

The Andean culture has always respected and worshiped nature. In the Andean worldview, the mountains are sacred with the presence of spirits to protect humans and give the communities the possibility to communicate with their gods. Respecting nature and local communities is essential for sustainable mining in the Peruvian Andes and anywhere in the world. This image shows innovation through the use of resilient natural systems for long-term solutions."

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"To construct a mine in Africa you need to ensure that host countries and communities benefit from development of the mineral wealth. In this picture, the woman is supervising the trenchworks for the fuel plant at SEMAFO’s new Boungou Mine in Burkina Faso where 92% of employees are Burkinabe. When development and training of the local workforce form part of the groundwork for African mines, it empowers the local population and transforms the social environment from the ground up."

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Stornoway Diamond Corporation

"From the past, in the present and towards the future, the mining industry continuously transforms to better answer the needs of the future, one of which is the absolute respect for water, nature's lifeline."

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Trilogy Metals Inc.

"The mining industry has adapted tools to explore further and with less impact than ever before. In our case, we are exploring northern Alaska with helicopters and late fall means spectacular auroras."

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Tugliq Energy and Raglan Mine, a Glencore Company

"Mining transformation is aiming towards a gradual increase in activities but with a noticeable decrease in its environmental impact. Tugliq Energy’s wind turbine has avoided the combustion of 10 million liters of diesel since 2014 in one of the most fragile ecosystems of our planet: the Canadian Arctic. Introducing renewable energy assets to mining activities opens up a whole new era of opportunities to avoid more greenhouse gases emissions. For us, mining transformation looks like this picture!"

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About the awards program

The timeline

Photo submission period
  • Photo submissions closed on December 18, 2018

Online voting period
  • January 7, 2019 to March 4, 2019 
  • Check out this year’s photo submissions on our website and be sure to cast your vote
  • All finalist photos are posted online and anyone with a valid email address is encouraged to participate in voting

Art of mining reception
  • March 4, 2019, The Globe and Mail Centre, 351 King Street East, Toronto
  • The event will bring together the best and the brightest of the industry and the next generation of leaders for an evening of conversation and celebration
  • All photo submissions are displayed at the Art of mining reception during the annual PDAC conference. Voting will remain open at the start of the event until votes are tallied and the winners are announced

The focus

We asked mining companies to submit a photo that answers the following question:

“What does mining transformation look like to you?”

Elements of transformation could include adopting new technologies or embracing talent diversity to prepare for the mine of the future, while considering the impact this transformation has on people, productivity, automation, efficiency, sustainability and health and safety.

The award

The winning companies will receive the following amounts to donate to the community program or charity of their choice:

1.  First place: $10,000

2.  Second place: $3,000

3.  Third place: $2,000

The criteria

In order to qualify, you must:

  • Be a Canadian mining organization with active operations
  • Submit only one (1) image to the competition 
  • Have a senior executive from your organization present for the Art of mining reception on the evening of March 4, 2019 in Toronto to be eligible for a prize 
  • Review the Art of mining rules & regulations

Being a part of mining: The industry’s future leaders

A tech-enabled workforce

Technology is transforming the mining industry’s entire value chain, creating new opportunities for managing talent. The younger generation, expected to become a majority of the workforce by the early 2020s, are digital natives and bring their own expectations to technology, collaboration and accountability. And the mining industry competes with all other industries for talent. Companies need to adapt in order to attract and retain the leaders of the future.

Art of mining and the workforce of the future

Art of mining gives Canadian mining organizations a platform to showcase how they’re transforming the face of the industry. It’s an opportunity to use visual stories to show the next generation the benefits of joining an industry ready to be disrupted. Embracing talent and diversity is key to the future of the industry, which is fuelling a culture of innovation by nurturing new skills and entrepreneurial mindsets.


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