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2016 Gold and Copper Price Survey
During 2016, volatility of commodity prices has continued. Global economic uncertainty has led to various rises and falls during short periods of time. Brexit, the US election (pre and post) and interest rate expectations are but a few factors contributing to these changes.

Canadian mining taxation 2016
This publication provides guidance from the industry leaders on the complexities of mining taxation in Canada. Covers all project stages – from exploration to production – to help you manage your tax risks.

Mine 2016: Slower, lower, weaker…but not defeated
2015 was a race to the bottom with many new records set by the Top 40 mining companies. This is PwC’s 13th annual review of the top trends in the global mining industry, based on the financial performance of the Top 40 mining companies by market capitalization.

Mine 2015: The gloves are off
PwC’s 12th annual review of the top trends in the global mining industry, based on the financial performance of the Top 40 mining companies by market capitalisation.

Gold, silver and copper price report 2015
It’s been another dismal year for commodities. Economic challenges, the strengthening US economy and an imbalance of supply and demand have had a devastating impact, leaving many miners with a cautious outlook for the future.

Mining in Québec: the post-election outlook
Mining is important in Québec. The sector employs over 15,000 people directly and probably the same again indirectly.

Being strategic in resources: JVs remain key - Global mining deals outlook / March 2014
Joint Ventures (JVs) have been an important part of the mining industry for decades and have been instrumental to the development of many major resource projects.

Strategically picking up the pace - 2014 Global Mining Deals outlook
“You will see an uptick in M&A, but it will be smarter, more conservative deals and you will start to see greater use of joint ventures and strategic alliances. You aren’t going to see the big dollars in riskier jurisdictions.”- -Brett Mattison, SVP Corporate DevelopmentStrategy and Planning, Gold Fields

Digging deeper into all-in cost disclosure - Mining's new frontier
Investors and analysts are increasingly calling for a more complete and transparent disclosure of total costs of production in the mining industry as margins have been squeezed by the recent decline in commodity prices.

Transaction Report: Mining in Quebec: New Rules, New Game
Investors need to be aware of Quebec’s new mining tax regime which could affect the future development of mining projects in the region. Read this article to find out.

Investing in Canada: Providing expertise to assist foreign investors with the requirements of the Investment Canada Act (ICA) – Canadian Net Benefit Test
The Investment Canada Act (ICA) outlines provisions for reviewing foreign investments in the Canadian mining sector, as well as framework criteria for assessing whether such investment is likely to be of “net benefit” to Canada.

Tax Insights: Changes to Quebec's mining tax regime
After several months of deliberation and uncertainty, the Quebec government has finally announced changes to its mining tax regime.

The Mining Industry in British Columbia
For the past 47 years PwC has produced the annual BC Mining Survey that reviews the financial results and economic impact within the mineral exploration, development, and mining industry.

Eurasia Group Global Trends Quarterly - First Quarter 2013
As governments and activists seek to address corruption in resource-rich countries, there is significant controversy surrounding efforts to require mandatory disclosure of payments and mineral purchases by companies.

Perspective North: Deals in the Canadian north
Issuing stock in today’s challenging capital markets can have an overly dilutive effect on the equity of mining companies. Instead, miners have found ways around that by looking for strategic partners abroad to help finance projects.

Junior Mine 2014
The market cap for the top 100 junior miners on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV) fell 44% to $6.49 billion in 2013 as compared to 2012.

When the going gets tough... Informe Global Mining Deals de mediados de 2012
A pesar de la desaceleración de la actividad de fusiones y adquisiciones (M&A) en la industria minera durante el primer semestre de 2012, las mineras que tienen liquidez ven en ello una oportunidad.

Watch and listen: Value Driver Modelling
Watch our video on the performance management and predictive capabilities of Value Driver Modelling to learn how leading mining companies can deliver sustainable cost reduction by proactively responding to market volatility.

Americas School of Mines - Join us in Lima, Peru May 19-21, 2015
Think of School of Mines as a crash course in the latest developments impacting the mining industry.

Flow-through shares: An overview for mining executives
A flow-through share (FTS) is a tax-based financing incentive that is available to, among others, the mining sector.

2012-2013 budget: Quebec and natural resources – Plan Nord
In connection with the Plan Nord, the Quebec government will be spending $51 million this year, primarily on studies.

Café series -- Organized by the MEQ (Manufacturiers et exportateurs du Québec) event presentation
Nochane Rousseau provided his views on the Plan Nord at Café series. Download his presentation to learn more (French only).

Mining in the Americas: Highlights from the PwC Americas' Mining Centre of Excellence event
PwC’s Mining Centre of Excellence (CoE) held an event on March 6, 2012 to launch its Mining in the Americas publication, bringing in industry experts to Canada to share their experience.

Mining – Where the rubber meets the IFRS road
The following presentation, delivered at the Toronto Board of Trade on January 13, 2011, discusses what your Canadian mining company should know when handling your first quarter with IFRS.

Opinión minera – Ciclo de desayunos para directivos mineros
Altos directivos mineros se encuentran mensualmente en nuestras sesiones Opinión minera con el propósito de examinar cuestiones de actualidad que derivan de la industria y tienen trascendencia en las pequeñas y grandes sociedades mineras.

Mining in Peru: Event presentation materials
In January 2012, PwC hosted two events to discuss mining opportunities in Peru.

Plan Nord: How to Do Local Business Internationally
Coherent partnerships, supported by local, global and multi-sector networks, will be one of the keys to help Quebec-based companies benefit from this once-in-a-generation project. Learn more in this article.

Plan Nord infrastructure challenges, business opportunities and partnerships
Richard Deslauriers provides an update on the infrastructure generated by the Plan Nord as well as related challenges and issues.

Capturing the mining potential of Northern Quebec
Download this presentation on the strategic advantages and unique business opportunities available to your mining company through Plan Nord.

Planning for a gold mine: Plan Nord’s impact on Quebec’s mining industry
Twenty-five years may seem like a lifetime away, but the Quebec government’s Plan Nord could result in a huge transformation of Northern Quebec in what’s, in reality, a relatively short amount of time, given its ambitious objectives.

PwC Canada’s IFRS Survey
Insights into IFRS Standards in Motion - High Priority Projects: A PwC Canada Survey Report.

Canadian Deals: Evolving Outlook for Businesses in Central and Eastern Europe
In this report, produced jointly by PwC Canada and Eurasia Group, we take an in-depth look at some of the advantages and potential risks of central and eastern European (CEE) economies for foreign investors.

The Business of China's 12th Five Year Plan
More than any other five-year plan, China’s 12th Five Year Plan focuses on quality of life over quantity of GDP, stressing the need to boost domestic consumption and promote clean energy.

Mining – Cutting Costs without Cutting Corners
The following article, published in the February/March issue of Canadian Mining Journal, provides advice on making sustainable cost reductions, reducing non-essential spending, changing your organization’s cost culture, and more.

Shifting Centre of Gravity: M&A in Brazil—A Canadian Perspective
Brazil’s unfulfilled domestic demand, hyper growth potential and globally competitive returns have spurred M&A action. The aim of this publication is twofold—to provide insight into Brazil, and to share our view on opportunities in Brazil for Canadians.

Making Deals in the Mining Sector: Strategy Talks podcast series
This episode of the podcast series features John Nyholt, who talks about the deals activity in the international mining sector.

Sustainable Cost Reduction in the Mining Sector
This annual report created by PwC's Canadian Mining team will provide you with ways to reduce your capital costs and achieve sustainable cost reductions in mining operations.

Electronic Discovery: Cost Effective Compliance with Minimized Disruption
The following white paper discusses the characteristics of electronically stored information (ESI), how they differ from those of paper-based information, and the five steps of an e-discovery process.