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Structuring Tax Effectively

Our Tax Services to mining companies in the Americas

The changing landscape of tax laws throughout the Americas makes it difficult to understand and keep up with changes in mining taxation. Our Tax Services professionals provide local knowledge and global experience. We can review your company’s operations and suggest ways to help you run in a tax efficient manner — now and as you expand in the future. We can also help you understand the different taxation systems of foreign mining projects, whether held through branches or foreign subsidiaries, across the Americas by providing:

International Tax Planning

Mining companies with international operations have a lot to consider: compliance with all appropriate accounting, legal, land and other regulatory requirements, as well as local business and cultural customs.

PwC’s Tax Structuring professionals across the Americas have extensive experience working with mining companies that operate in countries with strong mineral potential. We can help you:

  • Structure your business in a tax-efficient manner
  • Construct effective cross-border strategies
  • Manage your local, regional and global tax rate

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Tax Planning for Mergers and Acquisitions

Early tax planning for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is essential to reduce both the actual transaction tax costs and the long-term sustainable tax rate following the transaction.

PwC’s M&A Tax Services professionals provide deal structuring and financing advice to help you at all points throughout the deal cycle. Our services include:

  • Quantitative analysis
  • Rigorous implementation and leading edge structuring techniques
  • Carrying out pre-acquisition due diligence
  • Ensuring tax efficient deal structuring
  • Post-deal integration

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Transfer Pricing

International mining companies doing intercompany transactions are feeling the combined effect of stricter penalties, new documentation requirements, increased information exchange and more proficient government audit staff as transfer pricing is becoming more contentious. 

PwC’s network of tax specialists can assist you with:

  • Transfer pricing planning
  • Compliance and tax dispute resolution
  • Reviewing potential and existing transactions and financial results to reduce taxes and transfer pricing exposure
  • Advising whether a multinational Advance Pricing Agreement, binding on tax authorities, can offer relief from potentially expensive and difficult future audits

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International Assignment Solutions

Mining companies operating and expanding in new jurisdictions face the challenge of having to transfer skills, staff and officers in order to thrive in different systems.

PwC has extensive experience conducting international assignments to help solve your tax issues. We’ll draw on our tax planning and compliance experience in various countries to help meet the needs of your international operations and lower executive transfer costs.

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Tax Function Effectiveness

As mining companies grow and change, their tax function must also adapt to meet the changing demands of the business.

PwC can help you identify and realize opportunities to enhance performance within your tax function. These opportunities may include:

  • Enabling technology to support tax reporting and automate data collection and storage
  • Improving processes and controls to have better insight into foreign operations
  • Assessing alternative delivery models
  • Aligning tax strategy with the overall business strategy

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