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Tax Insights: GST/HST alert – Recover GST/HST self-assessed for non-arm’s length cross-border reinsurance – Act by June 22, 2017
As a result of legislative amendments, Canadian-resident insurers may be able to recover the GST/HST self-assessed on the “loading” portion of non-arm’s length cross-border reinsurance premiums paid for the 2005 to 2016 fiscal years.

Tax Insights: Saskatchewan PST alert – Insurance premiums subject to 6% PST on July 1, 2017
Saskatchewan’s March 22, 2017 budget includes important changes for insurers and brokers, including individual health and life policy providers.

Compliance function of tomorrow
As the regulatory landscape evolves, expectations continue to rise for the compliance function. Explore how you can use the compliance function to gain strategic advantage.

Embracing possibility, boosting innovation
Explore the key findings in the Insurance industry from the 20th CEO Survey. We discuss themes such as: growth, disruption, innovation, data, and talent. Find out how the North American insurance industry compares to others around the globe and how insurance compares to other financial services sectors.

OSFI's Life Insurance Capital Adequacy Test (LICAT)
LICAT will replace the current minimum continuing capital and surplus requirements effective January 1, 2018.

Insurance 2020 and beyond: Creating a winning culture
Many insurers are seeking to remodel their culture. How can you translate your intentions into real changes in the way your people behave and make decisions during the ‘moments that matter’?

The wait is nearly over? IFRS 17 is coming, are you prepared for it?
IFRS 17 (previously IFRS 4 Phase II) is expected to be issued in early 2017 with an effective date of 2021.

Insurance industry – Key tax rates and updates (2016)
Tax changes, rates, deadlines and other useful information for the insurance industry in Canada.

Canadian Insurance Taxation (Fourth Edition)
Canadian Insurance Taxation covers the full range of taxation issues facing insurance companies and policyholders including updates on sales and excise taxes and a chapter on transfer pricing.

Regulatory brief: OSFI Guideline E-21
The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) released a final version of its Guideline E-21 (E-21) on operational risk management (ORM). This paper provides an overview of the guideline and a description of what institutions should focus on going forward.

Opportunities await: How InsurTech is reshaping insurance
In our latest report, we take a deeper look at how the insurance industry is reacting to this movement and our recommendations on how to get ahead.

Insurance 2020 and beyond: Necessity is the mother of reinvention
Insurance is an industry at a pivotal juncture as it grapples with the impact of new technology, new distribution models, changing customer behaviour and more exacting local, regional and global regulations. Organizations need to be looking at how to keep pace with the sweeping social, technological, environmental, economic and political (STEEP) developments ahead.

Insurance 2020: Equipping your business for the global tax revolution
In our latest global publication, we break down the changes on the horizon for Canada’s insurers and explore how they will affect the skills, systems, and organization of tax teams.

The devil is in the details: Current and emerging tax issues for insurance companies
During this Insurance EyeOpener we provided tips and strategies in dealing with the CRA on current tax issues and future developments, within the insurance industry.

Turning disruption to your advantage
Insurance CEOs believe that new regulation, increasing competition, technological developments around service provision, and changes in distribution will have more of a disruptive impact over the next five years.

Protecting what matters most: Cyber resilience in the insurance industry
This Insurance EyeOpener - Protecting what matters most: Cyber resilience in the insurance industry highlights the risks posed by cyber threats facing the insurance industry, and key actions and recommendations for resilience.

Top Insurance Industry Issues in 2015 - The impact to Canadian insurers
Top Insurance Industry Issues in 2015 discusses the challenges and opportunities confronting Canada's insurers, and provides insight on how to adapt to change.

IFRS: Where have we come from? Where are we now? Where are we going?
Having survived the challenges of adopting IFRS in the interim financial statements of the funds, we now look forward to the future to determine our next steps.

Enterprise risk management: Evaluating your company's risk appetite and risk tolerance
This “Insurance EyeOpener: Enterprise risk management: Evaluating your company's risk appetite and risk tolerance” provides an overview on the ins and outs of risk management.

Insurance Modernization: The broad business impact
Proposals by the IASB and FASB for insurance contract accounting, regulatory developments and G-SII and non-banking SIFI designations, are compelling insurance companies to re-evaluate all aspects of their business model and operations.

Insurance 2020: Forcing the pace – The fast way to becoming a digital front-runner
Many life and pensions businesses are scrambling to keep pace with the increasing impact of digital in their marketplace. Could there be a faster, cheaper and more flexible way to grasp the digital potential?

High profits, high stakes: The future of insurance companies in wealth management
This Insurance EyeOpener High profits, high stakes: The future of insurance companies in wealth management discusses the issues insurers will need to evaluate their strategy.

IFRS 4 Insurance Contracts - Summary of key issues
Change appears to be inevitable as the IASB continues its push to issue a final standard. How the IASB responds to this latest feedback remains to be seen.

Webcast: Challenges for Canadian innovation - Are we keeping pace globally?
This Insurance Club EyeOpener, Challenges for Canadian innovation - Are we keeping pace globally?, discussed key areas of focus for Canadian insurers, such as leadership, operations and support structure.

Webcast: Insurance Contracts – IFRS 4 Revised Exposure Draft
This Insurance Club EyeOpener IFRS 4 Revised Exposure Draft examines how the requirements in the measurement model fit together and how the proposed standard will impact their financial statements.

Insurance 2020: A quiet revolution - The future of insurance M&A
In this paper we make seven overarching predictions for the coming three to five years and we look at the economic, demographic, technological and regulatory factors driving change in insurance M&A.

Insurance Banana Skins survey: The Canadian results
Learn the most pressing concerns facing Canada’s insurance industry in this biennial survey.

Insurance 2020: Unleashing the value from values
While many insurers are seeking to remodel their culture for the new market realities, most are only scratching the surface because they’re failing to translate their intentions into real changes.

Webcast: Navigating the regulatory matrix - OSFI Corporate Governance Guidelines
Despite the fact that Canadian insurance companies have not experienced many of the same issues as their global counterparts, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) remains focused on continuously improving corporate governance practices.

Webcast: Getting it right – Becoming consumer-centric
Most insurance companies are looking to become more customer-centric, but what does being 'customer-centric' really mean?

Billing Transformation
Our team works collaboratively with you to address critical billing issues and has assisted clients with transformational initiatives ranging from billing process improvements to new system implementations.

Claims Transformation
Our Claims Transformation team can help you define and implement the right claims operations strategy and operational model to help you achieve your business objectives.

Distribution and Channel Management Transformation
Our team can help transform your organization by advising on the design and execution of your distribution and channel models to deliver a targeted, consistent, and brand-aligned customer experience.

Policy Administration Transformation
Our Insurance team helps you make the right decisions regarding policy administration. We bring the skills and know-how of a global network of insurance professionals who have dealt with issues like those faced by your company and can provide an independent point of view.

Webcast: Insurance M&A - Eat or be eaten?
This Insurance Club EyeOpener session discusses our perspectives and experience with insurance M&As, what to expect for 2012 and key considerations for insurance dealmakers.

Webcast: Regulatory capital for insurance – A changing environment
Listen to this PwC Insurance Club EyeOpener as we share our international experiences by discussing learnings and influences from Solvency II.

Insurance EyeOpener
The PwC Insurance EyeOpener is an informative event designed to educate those in the industry about key trends affecting insurers.