Top health industry issues of 2018

Defining the health care of the future

More connected and consumer-oriented than ever before, the world’s health systems are challenged to build resiliency in times of change. Traditionally viewed as a fragmented industry with hyperlocal challenges and solutions, health care faces near universal forces of rapid digitization, increasing demands and expectations from informed and connected consumers, and shrinking resources to fuel innovation and build infrastructure. Health systems have a lot to learn from each other, other industries and from communities around the world. Systems will survive and thrive if they are able to connect, collaborate and create new solutions.

Global top health industry issues

PwC Health Research Institute’s report highlights the eight forces that will have the most impact on the industry across the globe, spanning a wide range of themes.

Human and robot

  • Working smarter with artificial intelligence
  • Mapping a clear direction for virtual health

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Business model transformation

  • Using technology to create virtual capacity and lower costs
  • Providing value beyond the medical device

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The consumer’s changing nature

  • Putting patient experience first
  • Transforming the next generation of clinical trials

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  • Securing the internet of things and cybersecurity
  • Looking beyond the hospital to the social determinants of health

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How a social determinants of health lens can improve outcomes and system efficiency

As health systems struggle with capacity constraints, budgetary pressures and the need to navigate complex transformation, they face a critical need to change the way they operate.

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Virtual health 2.0: A vision for virtual health care in Canada

Look at any industry thriving today and you’ll quickly find organizations that understand the importance of delivering excellent customer experiences. So when it comes to health and wellness, Canadians are looking for increasingly personalized and seamless experiences.

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