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    Transformation and Growth in Canada’s Forest, Paper & Packaging Industry

    The Canadian Forest, Paper & Packaging (FPP) industry has survived one of the longest and deepest economic downturns in history, leaving the industry well positioned to grow and seize new opportunities. Ongoing trends such as a stronger Canadian dollar, a slower than expected U.S. economic recovery, continued growth in Asian markets, and structural changes such as declining paper use, have resulted in transformative initiatives to improve efficiency, develop new products and refine marketing and communication strategies.

    Other challenges and opportunities include Emerging markets, such as South America and Asia that produce plantation wood more quickly; Employee recruitment and retention; currency and demand fluctuations; and Demonstrating sustainability.

    Industry earnings are continuing to improve although results vary by company, depending on their product mix and market focus. However, industry executives are still concerned about the possibility of tough times ahead due to a variety of economic and business risks as reported in PwC's 18th Annual Global CEO Survey. For example, a key area of focus is adapting more quickly to changing technology.

    The 28th annual PwC Global Forest & Paper Industry Conference, with a focus on From innovation to action brought together 350 CEOs, senior executives, customers, suppliers, financial analysts, government representatives and other stakeholders in Vancouver, Canada on May 6, 2015. Conference speakers and panellists looked at a number of important factors affecting the forest and paper industry, providing insight on everything from global megatrends and the role that forestry can play in a changing world, to discussions on product innovation and opportunities for the forestry sector to engage with stakeholders in new ways online.

    PwC provides services to companies throughout the forest, paper and packaging value chain, as well as their customers, suppliers and government agencies. We combine local and global knowledge of business trends and regulatory changes to help the forest, paper & packaging sector improve operational processes and make the changes needed to maintain a resilient and competitive industry.

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