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We help organizations solve their business issues, whether it’s improving efficiency and productivity, adhering to risk and regulatory changes, navigating the new fintech world, considering their risk culture or fighting against financial crime. Our aim is to support you in designing, managing and executing lasting beneficial change. 

Take a closer look at the service areas we cover:


A focus on operations makes sure that critical processes and transactions are executed correctly, while reducing risk and increasing quality of service. Our Operations practice, covering both Banking and Capital Markets, can work with your financial institution to help you improve operating effectiveness in all core processes and functions.

We bring experience in key areas including personal and commercial lending, mortgage operations, branch operations, payments, credit operations, cash and treasury management and capital markets.

Our services in this area include:

  • strategy and value proposition development
  • target operating model and governance design
  • end-to-end process redesign
  • business requirements
  • change management and execution

For further information contact Paula Pereira (Banking Operations) or Jason Boggs (Capital Markets Operations)

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Our Insurance Consulting team can help you define and put in place the right operations strategy and operational model to help you achieve your business objectives, from transformational to tactical. We bring the skills and expertise of our global network of claims and insurance professionals to help you improve your customers’ service experience, reduce costs, manage risk and increase efficiency.

Our services include:

  • operations strategy
  • target operating model design and implementation
  • process assessment and optimization
  • vendor strategy and spend management
  • claims management technology implementations
  • organizational change and talent management

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Regulatory & Compliance

The current regulatory environment has financial institutions grappling with a growing number of requirements and expectations from regulators, investors and end customers.

With this increasing regulatory burden across different jurisdictions, financial institutions need a strategic approach to put in place new controls, processes and governance structures to ensure compliance with existing, new and expected regulatory requirements.

Our Regulatory & Compliance practice can help you understand complex compliance requirements and design, construct and implement sustainable, cost-effective compliance solutions. We’ve developed expertise in the regulatory and industry landscape through strong relationships across the industry. And we use this expertise when assessing a client’s practices versus those of the industry.

Our services in this area include:

  • compliance strategy and implementation
  • regulatory interpretation, advice and impact assessment
  • target operating model design
  • controls assessment and optimization
  • compliance process development
  • business acceptance testing
  • three lines of defence design and implementation
  • governance and oversight
  • ongoing monitoring and compliance testing
  • Compliance finance risk management
  • Enabling technology to meet requirements

For further information contact John Ingold

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Customer Experience

There’s a strong correlation between a customer’s experience and the level of trust they have in their institutions—and consequently the value those institutions can deliver across the customer’s life cycle.

Today’s customers are buying differently—on their own time and their own terms. So to stay relevant businesses need to understand and align to customers’ changing needs, expectations and engagement preferences. We can help you understand what it means to become customer-centric and develop creative solutions that incorporate both product and channel considerations.

Our services include:

  • customer strategy and experience design
  • customer segmentation
  • sales and marketing solution design
  • customer-centric operating model design
  • channel optimization
  • multi-channel data analytics
  • CRM design and implementation
  • customer experience transformation
  • digital strategy development and execution

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Technology is one of the largest areas of investment for the financial services industry. It’s a critical part of today's business infrastructure and at the core of many customer service, productivity, innovation, risk management and cost reduction initiatives.

Financial institutions need to align their technology strategies and investments to new trends and effectively build their businesses and technology to disrupt the disruptors. Our financial services technology professionals have industry experience applying technology solutions to help modernize and digitize financial products, platforms and processes. 

Our services in this area include:

  • IT strategy and architecture
  • technology innovation
  • solution design
  • IT program delivery
  • data and analytics
  • cybersecurity
  • digital and cloud applications

For further information contact Joel So

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Risk has greater, more far-reaching impact today than ever before. So managing risk across lines of business and across customers is central to every financial institution’s operating model.

Our Risk practice will help you identify and assess areas of increased business, operational and compliance risk. We’ll also help you develop risk management approaches and operating models to identify, deter and mitigate risks, as well as generate tangible business value through risk-based decision making.

Our services include:

  • risk strategy and governance
  • risk analytics and key risk indicators
  • putting in place enhanced risk reporting
  • risk response and contingency plans
  • risk testing and validation
  • risk operations transformation

For further information contact Jonathan Riva

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