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Canadian perspectives on what makes a successful media company

PwC’s Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2012–2016 described the entertainment and media industry reaching what we termed “the end of the digital beginning”. As the sector has grown more comfortable with the digital world, we’ve seen digital become increasingly embedded into business as usual and companies adapt and evolve in response.

In this report we focus on getting a Canadian perspective on these developments. We interviewed CEOs across the Canadian entertainment and media industry to gain more insight into the challenges and opportunities created by technological advances and changes in consumer demands and expectations.

Key findings indicate that while traditional business models may remain dominant in Canada for the foreseeable future, companies are embracing digital and connecting with consumers in new ways. Companies are currently focusing their digital efforts on marketing and engagement as they explore opportunities to realize digital’s revenue-generating potential. They’re also discovering that strategic alliances and innovative collaborations are needed to move forward and thrive in today’s digital, connected environment.

Companies are embracing digital and connecting with consumers in new ways.



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