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Sustainability and the Engineering and Construction Industry

Addressing risks through green opportunities in Canada's E&C sector

Sustainability is fast becoming a significant reputational risk for the Canadian engineering and construction ("E&C") industry. Potential pitfalls are everywhere as companies have to comply with more complex green building standards, improve their environment health and safety records, and manage issues of waste disposal.

As Canada ramps up regulations on greenhouse gas emissions, the challenges are only going to grow. The E&C industry will be impacted as new policies and regulation are introduced, and your ability to anticipate and respond to changing requirements will be critical.

Significant gaps in policies and procedures are not just harming the environment anymore — they are harming your organization, your employees, and society as a whole.

And yet, despite the risks, the industry has been hesitant about taking a more fulsome approach to sustainability. With economic and fiscal pressures slimming margins, any new initiatives must show real benefit.

Does sustainability impact return on investment? Will implementing sound, practical sustainability strategies really ensure long-term success and help you compete?

The answer is yes.

Tangible, measurable opportunities await if you are willing to make sustainability a core tenet of your business. Demand is exploding for environmentally friendly construction work, both in terms of design and implementation. While the public is driving demand for social responsibility, the corporate world is responding. More and more organizations are requiring office buildings to be cleaner, greener, and more efficient, knowing such actions will lower costs, increase employee satisfaction, and bring positive recognition.

Employers are not the only ones making new demands. The new generation of E&C recruits know more than anyone what is possible for the industry. While they want to work for companies with clean environmental health and safety records, they also want to work for companies utilizing the latest green technology on their constructions sites and projects. New recruits want to — and know they can — make lasting green contributions to society through their work.

The world is changing, and the E&C companies that are going to be successful will be the ones who can align their operational strategy to meet the rising challenge of sustainability.

How PwC can help

Our E&C team takes a practical, results-based approach to sustainability and can help you integrate it into the very heart of your business. We can help your company leverage sustainable business practices to reduce operational costs and increase efficiencies. We can help you stay in compliance with current environmental legislation and help you anticipate future regulation. We can help improve your environmental health and safety standards and address site-specific environmental risks. Most importantly, we can help make sustainability and environmental awareness a core feature of your reputation — among customers, future employees and society at large.

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