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Business transformation

At PwC, we understand the broad and complex challenges facing oil and gas companies in today's environment. Whether it is increasing capital efficiency, aligning and developing your organization to take advantage of your resources, harnessing technology to achieve greater performance or driving value through your back office functions and supply chain, implementing lasting, positive and integrated change is critical to gaining a competitive advantage.

We view business transformation as a journey, not as a project. By developing a clear understanding of the motivating force behind the transformation, we work across process, people and technology to make change a reality. Our multidisciplinary team of industry specialists in operations, supply chain, finance, human resources and technology can work with you across all aspects of your organization. We can help you:

Drive increased operational performance through process excellence

As your organization grows, retaining agility while ensuring consistent operational and project execution is a real challenge. We can help you achieve this balance and drive efficiencies by transforming and aligning your operating processes, performance measures and supporting technology across your key activities — from prospect through to production.

Harness the power of your information and systems

Delivering business insight and performance from your systems and data is a challenge faced by many energy companies. We can help reshape your IT function into a source of innovation and strategic advantage. We can help you design and implement information management strategies and ERP or functional systems that will support your business objectives.

Deliver additional value from your supply chain

Achieving value from your external supplier base is fundamental to the performance of every oil and gas company. We can help you develop alternative sourcing strategies, structures and processes that deliver increased value and performance from your supplier base while managing the associated risks.

Manage talent and create an agile workforce

Developing strategies that help attract, retain and develop talent, as well as harnessing the experience and skills within your workforce, are critical in today’s labour market. We work with you to help stay ahead of the market by designing and implementing innovative and integrated operating models, talent strategies and solutions. We focus on organizational design, talent management, HR functional transformation and overall change management to support your transformation activities.

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Neil Manji

Markets Leader of Public Company Audits

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Reynold Tetzlaff

Vice-Chair and Managing Partner Alberta & Prairies Region

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