Crisis management and response: Confidently navigate disruptive events

Common challenges and worries

  • Not knowing who is in charge of managing the company response.

  • Feeling that you are unprepared to handle the crisis or losing control of the situation.

  • Not understanding the crisis plan, or knowing where it is and who owns it.

  • Worrying that you don’t have the right data to inform the decisions you need to make today.

  • Dealing with uncoordinated or competing internal priorities that can lead to internal or external miscommunications.

  • Succumbing to stakeholder pressures to take immediate action before the full picture is clear.

  • Neglecting critical stakeholders—including employees.

  • Losing authenticity and credibility because of mixed messaging or negative public sentiment.

  • Identifying longer-reaching risks and impacts.

  • Not knowing which experts to call.

Suggested next steps

  • Review crisis and business continuity plans.

  • Establish a core crisis team to coordinate response efforts and define objectives.

  • Identify functional workstreams and align activity with response objectives.

  • Determine strategies for engaging with key internal and external stakeholders.

  • Base the immediate response and communications on established facts.

  • Develop different scenarios and put them to the test in order to prepare for unknown variables surrounding the outbreak.

How we’ve helped others

A major consumer financial data company publicly announced a significant data breach and sought support on various fronts related to crisis management, data security, business operations and strategy. The company needed to develop a response strategy for the immediate incident, while also engaging with regulators, customers and business partners about their plan to transform their security system to address longer-term business concerns.

PwC assisted the client with a host of response activities, including by helping them design and execute a stakeholder engagement strategy to align relevant business customers with the scope, impact and remediation plan that the company had developed. 

You are not alone. We are here to help.


  • Planning and capabilities review

  • Current state assessment and remediation roadmap 

  • Crisis scenario planning 

  • Exercises and simulations


  • Response team mobilization 

  • Strategy and governance model

  • Stakeholder engagement strategy

  • Operational response and fact-finding support

Emerge stronger

  • Recovery strategy and “looking around the corner”

  • Crisis program build and enhancements

  • Employee training and plan socialization

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