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Raya Badran

Raya Badran

National Capital Region and Atlantic CPA Campus Talent Acquisition Senior Associate, PwC Canada

After graduating with a Bachelor Degree at the University of Montreal and getting my CRIA professional title, I developed a passion for recruiting and talent acquisition. I’m proud to be part of the Campus Talent Acquisition Team with PwC Canada, a team that values inclusivity, diversity and professional development. I’m excited to take this role to develop new skills, to live new experiences and to build new connections with students.


  • National - all lines of service


  • Université de Montréal
  • Bachelor's Degree - Industrial Relations

More about Raya

What is your personal brand?

My personal approach is kind, and it always comes with a smile and a lot of positivity. It’s important to value interpersonal connections with your team members, in order to support each other and work together to get to our goals. I love coming up with new ideas, because it incites growth within ourselves and those around us.

What unique opportunities have you had with PwC?

What unique opportunities have you had with PwC?

I have the opportunity to constantly learn, develop my skills and get new experience alongside a team that is passionate about Campus recruiting, and that values connections and continuous advancement.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I love music, travelling and sports, especially the outdoors, such as hiking and camping.