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Bill Nakano

Bill Nakano

Director, PwC Canada

Bill Nakano is a senior manager on the Canadian National Tax Services and Tax Dispute Resolution teams at PwC Canada in Edmonton and Calgary.

Bill brings to us a wealth of knowledge and experience, having spent over 30 years at the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). As a regional technical advisor, he focused on tax avoidance and aggressive tax planning. He participated as a CRA delegate on the OECD Focus Group on Hybrids where he was tasked with co-authoring the report produced by the group and was involved with the setup of the CRA’s Hybrid Centre of Expertise. Bill acted as the CRA’s delegate to the Joint International Tax Shelter Information Centre (JITSIC) where he had Competent Authority status and exchanged information with Canada’s JITSIC partners. He received an award from Her Majesty Revenue and Customs in recognition for work on structured transactions and the comparisons and contrast between the two tax systems and on the development of the CRA’s “backroom” to support CRA delegates in Washington.

Bill has participated in various national committees and working groups to develop the CRA’s response to a number of issues, including acting as a national coordinator for RRSP strip arrangements in the area of RRSP administrators and providers, and developing the CRA’s position with respect to the RCA loan back arrangements, 160 avoidance arrangements and 10-8 insurance products. He has provided instruction and presentations on various courses and technical updates with the CRA, including GAAR and other avoidance cases.


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