Ally MacDonald

Campus Talent Acquisition Coordinator, Strategy & Process, PwC Canada

As a new graduate, taking the leap into a new career is a major decision. I chose to work for PwC because it made this decision feel almost effortless. There are many opportunities to create your own work-life flexibility and to develop your career in the direction you decide, while also connecting with some amazing professionals along the way.


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  • University of Windsor - Bachelor of Arts (Honours): Psychology
  • University of Limerick (IE) - Master of Science: Work and Organizational Psychology

More about Ally

Personal brand

What is your personal brand?

My personal brand is very focused on balance; I firmly believe that professionalism doesn’t mean boring. I pride myself in being able to maintain a strong work ethic and having a constant will to learn and improve, while ensuring that my genuine enthusiasm and humour is visible. I try to be as authentic and approachable as possible, both at work and in my personal life.

Unique opportunities

What unique opportunities have you had with PwC?

One of the coolest parts of being on the campus team is the number of quality relationships that you form with people in all areas of the firm. I get to create genuine connections with students, who eventually graduate and come to PwC as employees. It feels great to be someone that they feel able to approach during their transition, and it’s even better when I’m able to develop genuine friendships at work.

Hobbies and interests

What are your hobbies and interests?

I’ll always jump at the opportunity for an adventure, whether it’s simply exploring unfamiliar neighborhoods in my city or travelling halfway around the globe. I enjoy constantly being around my friends and family, especially if it involves a country music concert or some sunshine (preferably both). During my downtime, you’d typically find me strumming away at my guitar or ukulele (for both of which my skills are far from brag-worthy), playing and singing whatever song I’m in the middle of writing at the moment.