Support for your CPA journey

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When you join one of our pre-approved programs, we support you at every step on your journey to becoming a CPA. With us, you won’t have to go through it alone—we’ll work together to provide you every opportunity for success. Students who have been through our program have a track record of outperforming the national average on the CPA exams.

Navigating the provincial CPA requirements can be tricky, but our CPA Centre of Excellence team is there to help you stay on top of them, whether you’re registering for your modules and exams or completing your practical experience reports. We care that your CPA experience is an excellent one. Here are some of the ways we’ll help you:

Practical experience

  • Our pre-approved programs take the guesswork out of completing your practical experience. We make sure your program provides the opportunity to develop all the required competencies.
  • Your career coach also serves as your CPA mentor, helping to monitor your competency development and progression.

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Fees, support and time off

  • We provide financial support for CPA professional education program costs, student registration fees and annual membership dues.

  • The exams require hard work and dedication, so we set paid and unpaid time aside for you to focus on your studies and write your exams.

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CFE support

  • Our in-house CFE program helps you develop case-writing skills and prepares you to pass the CFE.
  • Practice cases are marked by professional markers, with personalized feedback and personal report cards to help you chart your progress.

  • A recent successful CFE writer from your office will mentor you, providing guidance and support as you prepare to write the exam.

  • Our study plans provide a plan of attack during study leave.

  • CFE blogs help with study strategies and exam-writing tips.

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Rewards and recognition

  • Congrats! You get paid days off to recognize your achievement once you pass the CFE.
  • Bonuses are awarded for National and Regional Gold Medallists and placement on the National Honour Roll.

  • We’ll all celebrate your success when you achieve this important milestone in your career.

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What our people say

Hear from some successful CPA program participants:

“What helped me the most in my preparation for the CFE was calling friends and mentors at the firm to ask questions and meeting with them to exchange tips. I was also motivated to challenge myself and to give the best I could for this exam!”

Julie (Governor General's Gold Medal, September 2016 CFE)

“Working with PwC has given me diverse learning experiences that I was able to apply to my studies and vice versa. My colleagues were incredibly supportive throughout the CFE process, providing first-hand feedback on my case writing and valuable lessons learned from their exam-writing experiences.”

Andrew (Atlantic Gold Medallist, September 2016 CFE)

“My biggest benefit from the PwC CPA program was the extra cases that were marked and the tracking of results through personalized report cards. These reports allowed me to know how I was doing and progressing against my peer groups, so I could focus my time where it would make the biggest impact on my performance.”

Drew (CPA Canada National Honour Roll, September 2016 CFE)

“PwC’s CFE mentorship program was key to my success on the CFE. My mentor invested time and effort into ensuring I improved case writing and was always available for any questions and emotional support. In addition, peers across all levels of the firm acted as informal mentors and were always willing to provide guidance from their own experiences. This provided me with access to a pool of knowledge and a support system that I could only receive at PwC and motivated me to become a CFE mentor for future writers.”

Inderroop (CPA Canada National Honour Roll, 2015 CFE)