Interact with us

Throughout the year, we host and participate in a number of events that help you hone your skills and get to know PwC better.

PwC Explore

PwC Explore is an invitation-only event for talented students. You’ll get a VIP experience, a foot in the door and an inside look at our high-performance culture. It’s your opportunity to explore all we have to offer.

This one-day program comprises of interactive activities and development sessions. We’ll help you take your teamwork, strategic-thinking, creativity, problem-solving and leadership skills to the next level. Take part to build your skills and network with partners, staff and other students.

You can find out if there’s an Explore event accepting applications by searching for “Explore” in our application site.


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Skill sessions

At universities across Canada and in our offices, we provide opportunities to sharpen your skills with our interactive skills sessions, such as creating a personal brand, networking for success and acing an interview.

You’ll also get tips on how to showcase your skills, talents and knowledge in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Business simulations

Think you have what it takes to excel in Assurance, Consulting, Risk Assurance Services or Tax? Then test your skills during one of our business simulations.

You’ll be part of a team to win challenges and prizes. With our sessions, you can sharpen your knowledge, network with partners and staff and discover some real challenges organizations face.


Virtual career fairs

Curious about what it’s like to work at PwC, what we value and what opportunities are available? Visit one of our virtual career fairs from anywhere in the world and have the opportunity to attend different information sessions and interact with our recruiters and staff.