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Frequently asked questions

General application FAQs

Can I apply for more than one campus role?
  • You may only apply for one campus role at PwC Canada in any one application round. In addition, 90 days must have elapsed since the submission date of any previous campus applications.
I have previously applied for a campus role, can I apply again? 
  • We welcome applications from candidates that have previously applied regardless of what stage you reached in the process. However, please ensure that 90 days have elapsed since the date of your previous application. 
Can I email my CV/resume directly to the Campus Talent Acquisition Team?
  • To be considered for a role at PwC Canada, you must apply via our online application portal. Visit our Careers page for more information.
Can I attach any supporting documents with my application?
  • We only require you to upload your resume/CV/CACEE form and unofficial transcript. When attaching your transcript, please ensure you only attach your transcript and no other accompanying documents. In addition, if you uploaded your resume/CV/CACEE form in the "Quick Apply" and/or "Resume/CV" section, please ensure no other documents have been added to those uploads. Attaching other documents in the "Quick Apply" and/or "Resume/CV" section will compromise our review and may delay your application.
Do you screen applications on the basis of grades?
  • No, we believe there's more to you than just your grades. That said, where you are applying for a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) role, we ask you to confirm that you meet the minimum GPA criteria required to register for the CPA program in your province (as per Provincial Institute Guidance). We ask for your transcript for informational purposes only. 
What format should I upload my CV/Resume in?
  • We recommend uploading your CV/Resume in either a Word (.doc and.docx) or PDF format (.pdf). You may also upload your CV/Resume in a rich text format (.rtf) and pages (.pages) format.
Is there any planned application system maintenance that I should consider when applying to PwC Canada?
  • Yes, our application system undergoes routine maintenance each Friday between 9pm - 9am EST. During this time, candidates will be unable to access their candidate profiles and submit applications. Please note, there may be other times when the system undergoes maintenance. We recommend applying in good time before the application close date to ensure you can access the application system and submit your application. 
I speak multiple languages, how do I indicate this in my application?
  • We welcome applications from candidates who speak multiple languages. Please provide details of the languages you speak and your level of ability in the "Languages" section of the online application form. You can list multiple languages by clicking the "Add" button. 
What languages can I apply in?
  • To ensure each candidate can benefit from the full candidate experience, we strongly recommend applying in either French Canadian or English. Using any other language may inhibit a candidate’s ability to enjoy all features in our application process. 
Do I need to be bilingual?
  • In Quebec, we require you to be proficient in French and English and your bilingual ability may be assessed during the application process.
What format should I upload my transcript in?
  • We recommend uploading your transcript as a PDF document.
I would like to apply in French, how do I ensure my full candidate experience is in French? 
  • Candidates can apply for roles in English or French Canadian via our online application form by selecting their preferred language. Please note that by selecting the language for your application, you’re agreeing to that language being your preferred correspondence language for the duration of the recruitment process. In order to ensure your full candidate experience (comprising the online application form and on-demand video interview and games) is in your preferred language, we recommend ensuring your Internet browser language is also updated and that you view the French Canadian version of our website. 
How do I update my address, email address and/or contact telephone number?
  • Please log into your account via our online application platform. Click on your email address in the top right hand corner and select "View Profile" and then, "Update Contact Information."
Can I withdraw my application?
  • Yes, you can withdraw your application through your Workday profile.
    Please note, you can only submit one application every 90 days and one application in each round. If you've submitted more than one application as above, we strongly recommend you withdraw the application you don't want to pursue prior to its closing date. An application will only be considered withdrawn if actioned before the closing date. You may still withdraw your application after the closing date; however, your application may still be considered "live" and in breach of the above rules rendering your applications ineligible for consideration.

On-demand video interview & games FAQs

Why does PwC Canada use on-demand video interviews and games?
  • We’ve embraced technology through our entire application process by using a cloud-based online application platform, on-demand video interviews and games. Collectively, these create a seamless, efficient and convenient application process for you. It saves you time and provides flexibility.

    On-demand video interviews provide you with the flexibility to choose the time and place, so you can respond at your convenience and showcase your skills. The games provide an interactive platform for you to demonstrate a range of abilities. Collectively, our assessments ensure objectivity in our application process. 
How long will it take for me to receive my link to complete my on-demand video interview and games once I have submitted my online application?
  • It may take up to 1 hour for the link to complete your on-demand video interview and games to be issued. The link will be sent to the email address you provide in your online application form. We recommend that you submit your online application form well ahead of the application close date to ensure you have sufficient time to complete your on-demand video interview and games. 
What do I do if my internet connection drops out or I am interrupted when I am undertaking my on-demand video interview and games? 
  • We strongly recommend that you ensure you have a reliable internet connection prior to starting your on-demand video interview and games. We also recommend that you complete these in one sitting. If your internet connection drops or you accidentally exit the platform, you can click on the invitation link you were sent to re-enter the platform. You will be taken to the welcome screen and asked to undertake the equipment testing again before being taken to the start of the question or game you had initially started. Please note, your invitation link will cease to be active 24 hours after the application close date. You will not be able to re-enter the platform once that time has elapsed. 
How many on-demand video interview practice questions are there and how many times can I practice them?
  • There are two video interview practice questions. There is no limit on the number of times you can practice.
How long will it take me to complete the on-demand video interview and games?
  • The on-demand video interview consists of several questions where you’ll have a few minutes to respond. Certain roles, including our Advisory full-time opportunities, may require you to answer an additional on-demand case question. The time to complete these will vary depending on your abilities.
Who do I contact for help with my on-demand video interview and games?
  • HireVue Customer Support is available 24/7 via phone, email, or chat. For help troubleshooting issues with your on-demand video interview, games and/or candidate feedback report, please contact HireVue's Candidate and User Help Center for assistance.
Can I complete the on-demand video interview and games on a tablet, phone and/or laptop?
  • Yes, the on-demand video interview and games platform is configured to allow you to complete the video interview and games on your tablet, phone and/or laptop. 
If I am required to complete the on-demand case question, how can I be successful?
  • We’ll give you information and ask you to come up with solutions to a range of issues. This type of exercise allows you to demonstrate a range of skills rather than just talking about them as you would in an interview. You will have 15 minutes to review the material and 5 minutes to present your findings. No preparation is required as it’s evaluating how you work to solve a problem.

Final-round live interview FAQs

Will my final-round live interview be in-person or held virtually?
  • Your final-round live interview may be held in-person or virtually. Our Campus Talent Acquisition team will let you know what type of interview applies to you.
How should I prepare if my final-round live interview is held in-person?
  • You should prepare for your final-round live interview in the same way that you prepared for your on-demand video interview. Reflect on your rationale for wanting to pursue a career at PwC Canada and familiariize yourself with our PwC Professional Framework. A member of our Campus Talent Acquisition team will let you know if your interview will be held in-person or virtually.
How should I prepare if my final-round live interview is held virtually?
  • Prepare for your video interview much like you would an in-person interview. Also be sure to find a quiet, well-lit room and minimize distractions. Be sure your computer or device has plenty of battery available or plug into a power source. We recommend that you do a test run to make sure the camera, lighting and application are working prior to your interview. A member of our Campus Talent Acquisition team will let you know if your interview will be held in-person or virtually.
If held virtually, will I be able to test the platform before the final-round live interview starts?
  • The technology we're currently using requires minimal set up in advance. Instructions will be sent to you before your interview; we recommend that you log into your final-round live interview 5 minutes before the set time so you can enter the platform and make yourself comfortable before your interview begins.

Candidate feedback report FAQs

What is a candidate feedback report and why have I received it? 
  • At PwC Canada, we support our employees' learning and development by regular coaching and feedback. To help you get the most out of this process, an automatic feedback report with relevant insights will be sent to you after you complete the on-demand video interview and games. The report describes your work-related competencies based on your responses and provides tips for your development. 
How did you get insights from my assessment?
  • The candidate feedback report is automatically generated from your interactions with the games platform. The games test a range of abilities and your responses and behaviours in the games are analyzed to identify patterns that could lead to success in the role. 
What does this mean about my application?
  • Your application will be reviewed once you have completed your on-demand video interview and games. The candidate feedback report is automatically generated depending on your responses. The report is a courtesy so you can get the most out of your application process. Receipt of this report does not indicate that a decision has been made one way or another.
How do I access my report?
  • Once your insights are calculated, you will receive an email with a hyperlink inviting you to view your candidate feedback report. This link is the only way to access the report.