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What you need to do to create your future

Applying to us

We’ve put technology, inclusion and innovation at the heart of our application process.

We’ve embraced technology by using a cloud-based online application platform, on-demand video interviews and games. These are configured for tablets, phones and laptops. Collectively, these provide you with a convenient, efficient and unbiased application process, saving you time and giving you flexibility.

It’s important to us that everyone who applies has an equal playing field to shine during this process. Our online application platform lets us evaluate more applications in greater detail than before, and our on-demand video interviews and games ensure objectivity in our process.

The difference

We’re constantly evolving and innovating, and we’re proud our approach to hiring students is different from that used by our competitors. We strive to provide a unique and enjoyable application process that gives you the opportunity to showcase your talent and skills and get to know us in more detail.

We look forward to getting to know you and seeing what you bring to the table!

The process

Online application

First, you’ll complete an online application and upload your resume or CACEE form and unofficial transcript. No cover letter is required. We’re hiring for potential based on your performance in the next few steps.

On-demand video interview and games

Once your application has been submitted, you’ll receive an email inviting you to undertake an on-demand video interview and games. The on-demand video interview and games help us understand why you want to pursue a career with us, your skills and how you like to work in relation to our purposevalues and the five dimensions of our leadership development framework: the PwC Professional.

Your on-demand video interview is a unique opportunity to bring your application to life and tell us more about yourself and what you’re looking for in your career. We’ll ask you a few questions that’ll help us get to know you better. Certain roles, including our Advisory full-time opportunities, may require you to answer an additional on-demand case question.

When you have finished your on-demand video interview, you’ll continue on to complete two games that show how you approach problems analytically and how quickly you absorb and interpret new information. Each game has its own time limit and set of instructions you’ll be able to read before starting.

It will take you about 35 minutes to finish the on-demand video interview and games, and you can pick the time and place that best suits you. We recommend blocking out an hour and completing them in one sitting.

While you have until 24 hours after the application close date (noted on the job description) to finish your on-demand video interview and games, we strongly recommend you complete them as soon as possible — well in advance of the application close date.

See our preparation pages (on-demand video interview and games) and FAQs for more information.

Live interview

Get excited! This is your final step in the process before we send you an offer. If you’ve wowed us with your on-demand video interview and games, we’ll congratulate you on making it to this final round and let you know how to book an interview.

Live interviews can take place in one of our offices, on campus or virtually and are as much about us getting to know you as they are about you getting to know us. Here are some interview tips.


Congratulations! If you’ve impressed us throughout the process, you’ll get an offer to join our team.


Putting the safety of our people and clients first as we look to a hybrid future.

At this time, PwC does not require, but strongly encourages, full vaccination in order to access its offices. Some of our clients may require vaccination and other restrictions to be in place to access their premises. You may, therefore, be required to be vaccinated and comply with all other restrictions where applicable.

At PwC, the future ways of work will be a hybrid of in-person and virtual, allowing choice and flexibility to explore new ways of working and collaborating.


While a technical skill set is an element of what we look for in candidates, we also look for soft skills like being able to collaborate with people who are different from you and communicate clearly. We’re not looking for one specific type of person. We want to understand how well your working style and values align with ours—just like you want to make sure we’re a good fit for you and where you see yourself belonging.

Good luck! We’re excited to see what you can achieve.

Here are some general tips as you prepare to apply:

  • Research PwC and the area of business you’re applying to on our website. Understand our purpose and our values and think about how these align with your own.
  • Attend our virtual events and in-person information sessions and events on campus so you can ask questions and get to know us more.
  • Check out our social channels to get a feel for our culture and what’s important to us, and sign up for our Campus e-News.
  • Think about why you want to work with us and what you hope to achieve in the early stages of your career.
  • Get to know the five dimensions of the PwC Professional and be ready to share your experiences with us so we can understand how you demonstrate these dimensions.
  • Familiarize yourself with news websites so you can talk about the business world in general and business stories you find interesting.
  • Learn more about the on-demand video interview and games by visiting the HireVue Candidate Help Center and searching for resources on “video interviews” and “games.”
  • Please note, as a candidate, you should never be asked to pay an agency or third party a fee for an introduction to PwC. Please contact us immediately if an agency offers an introduction or a role with us for a fee.

Online application

Our application process starts with an online application. We’ll ask you to provide some personal information and upload your resume or CACEE form and unofficial transcript. While you’re completing your online application, make sure you do the following:

  • Review our office locations and roles and apply to the office and area of business that interests you most, since you can only submit one application in each application round and 90 days must have elapsed since your last application.
  • Use a personal email address in your application rather than a school email address to ensure (i) you have continued access to your email account and (ii) our emails land in your inbox rather than a spam folder.

Important notes:

  • Responses will only be saved as you click “Next” to move onto the next page. If you need to revert to previous pages, we recommend clicking “Next” first to save your responses up until that point, and then you can go back to previous pages. 

  • When providing the name of your post-secondary school, please provide the name of your current/most recent post-secondary school and provide the formal name followed by the relevant campus (if ordinarily referenced). For example, you can write, “University of Calgary,” “York University” or “University of Toronto - St. George Campus.”

  • When attaching your transcript, please make sure you only attach your transcript and no other accompanying documents. In addition, if you uploaded your resume/CV/CACEE Form in the “Quick Apply” and/or “Resume/CV” section, make sure no other documents have been added to those uploads. Attaching other documents in these sections will compromise our review and may delay your application.

On-demand video interview

This is a unique opportunity to bring your application to life. You’ll be asked to answer a few questions on the screen by some of our people. Think of this as your first interview: it’s a way to help us get to know you and for you to shine in ways a traditional recruitment process doesn’t allow.

Once you’ve received your invite by email, you’ll have until 24 hours after the application close date, noted on the job description, to complete your on-demand video interview and games. You choose the time and place, so you can respond to the on-demand video interview questions at your convenience. Prepare for this interview as you would for a live interview, and get familiar with the platform by answering some practice questions once you log in.

After recording your responses to the video interview, we recommend moving on to the games without delay.

What to expect in this step

After you’ve applied:
  • We’ll send you an email inviting you to complete your on-demand video interview and games using the HireVue platform.
  • The platform is desktop, mobile and tablet friendly, with apps available for iOS and Android devices.
  • When you have logged into the platform, check your audio-visual setup and practice with the test questions.
  • Each question will be spoken and also shown as text. You’ll have 30 seconds to prepare your response before your video camera and audio automatically switch on to capture your answer.
  • You’ll have up to three minutes to answer each question. A timer will count down as you record each answer and you won’t be able to re-record your answer. You don’t need to use all three minutes. If you finish your answer early, click “Done Answering” to proceed.
  • Certain roles, including our Advisory full-time opportunities, may require you to answer an additional on-demand case question. The preparation time will be 15 minutes and you’ll have up to 5 minutes to answer the question.
  • You’ll be notified onscreen when your responses have been successfully captured.

Preparing for your on-demand video interview

  • Prepare. Research behavioural and situational interviewing techniques (e.g. the STAR [situation, task, action, result] method for answering behavioural interview questions). 
  • Practice. If you’ve never undertaken an on-demand video interview, try recording yourself answering some questions. If you feel nervous, ask friends or family for feedback and suggestions on how to be more natural. You’ll also have an opportunity to try some practice questions in the platform. These aren’t the real questions, and we won’t see your answers.
  • Choose a comfortable environment. Check your lighting and background—place a source of light in front of you, and avoid having sources of bright light behind you (such as a window) as this will make it hard for us to see you.
  • Check your internet connection, camera and battery charge. You’ll need a stable internet connection and a device with a camera and microphone (computer, tablet or mobile phone). What’s more, make sure your laptop, phone or tablet have sufficient battery charge. 
  • Dress appropriately. Business casual is fine. If in doubt, have a look at our people on our Careers website.
  • Stay focused. Turn off your mobile phone if it’s not the device you choose for recording, and remove any other distractions.

An on-demand video interview marks another step toward a successful application.


When designing our application process, we wanted to provide you with an engaging, adaptive and enjoyable experience that also encourages you to showcase your abilities. As a result, we’ve adopted game-based assessments. 

These games also provide an objective and bias-mitigated way to identify your compatibility with the skills and competencies needed to do well in the role you’re applying for.

After you submit your last response in the on-demand video interview platform, you’ll automatically progress to the games. Remember, you have until 24 hours after the application close date to complete both your on-demand video interview and games, so we strongly recommend you complete them well in advance and in one sitting.

What to expect in this step

After you’ve completed your on-demand video interview:
  • You’ll automatically progress to our game-based assessments.
  • The platform is desktop, mobile and tablet friendly, with apps available for iOS and Android devices.
  • You’ll be asked to complete two games that measure various abilities by presenting you with different challenges. 
  • Each game has its own time limit and set of instructions that you should read before starting. 
  • The difficulty of each level is progressive and tailored to your abilities.

Preparing for your games

  • Check your internet connection. 
  • Make sure your laptop, phone or tablet have sufficient battery charge. 
  • Find a quiet room. Make sure you won’t be distracted or interrupted. Turn off your notifications if you’re using your mobile phone or tablet.

When you have completed the on-demand video interview and games, you’ll get an automatically generated feedback report that highlights your strengths and working styles. It contains some useful insights.

Live interview

Candidates who have submitted successful on-demand video interviews and games will be invited to a live interview. This is the final stage of your application and is a chance for us to get to know each other better. Most live interviews will take place at one of our offices, on campus or virtually.

What to expect in this step?

  1. We’ll invite you by email to book a live interview, usually via our online scheduling tool.
  2. You’ll get an email confirming the time and place of your interview. This email will include a calendar invite. Please make sure you select “Yes” to confirm your interview. 
  3. Once you’ve finished your interview (and completed your group case exercise, if applicable), we’ll evaluate your performance and advise on next steps.

Preparing for your live interview

Prepare for your live interview the same way you did for the on-demand video interview. You’ll be asked some behavioural questions so be prepared to share some examples using the STAR method. Review the PwC Professional dimensions and think about situations where you’ve demonstrated these. We also want to hear your questions and how we can help you in your decision-making process. We want this match to work for both sides.