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We’ve been helping local business owners succeed, from one generation to the next. We provide the practical advice and hands-on experience needed to tackle the most complex challenges and pursue the most critical opportunities. Together, let’s turn your vision into reality.


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  • Full service accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Personal and corporate tax compliance
  • Assurance

Turning your vision into reality

Succession is a process, not an event

These days Jack is thinking more and more about retirement. But, as a private business owner, he knows it’s going to be a delicate and complicated process. Should he pass the family business on to his children? Should he sell? Are there other options he should consider?

We call this succession. It’s one of the most important decisions a business owner will make. It takes careful planning and implementation, with input from management, shareholders and directors.

No two succession plans are the same, but they all start with identifying your objectives.

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Unique insights from a high quality audit

Simran is the CFO at a Real Estate Development company. A big part of her job is ensuring the business meets its regulatory requirements while operating as effectively and efficiently as possible.

An audit of the company’s financial and operational performance would make Simran’s job a whole lot easier. With a more robust audit she could provide greater insight into the risks facing her business and the effectiveness of their internal controls.

A quality audit begins with skilled people, market-leading technology and an innovative approach. That’s where we come in.

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Growing and financing your business

Dom is onto something big. His fledgling tech company is really taking off. New clients are coming onboard, they've secured some international contracts, operations are scaling up, and they’ve just moved into new offices in Prince George.

The pace is exciting. This is no time to let the growing complexity of business slow him down.

As his trusted advisors, we’re helping Dom keep the momentum going. While he focuses on what he does best, we handle the bookkeeping, prepare his corporate tax returns, and give him the information he needs to make sound management decisions.

Dom is also looking to PwC for help navigating the challenges of doing business across borders - from tax considerations to immigration issues.

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Advancing your business through digital technology

Nicole understands the power of technology. For years it has helped her serve her customers and manage her business. Now, as she prepares for the next phase of her growth strategy, Nicole worries her current systems may have become outdated.

While the promise of new technologies is exciting, it will take careful planning and skillful implementation to transform the digital platform underpinning her business.

We’re working with Nicole to bring her vision to reality, delivering the technology solution to empower her business today, and tomorrow.

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2016 Global Family Business Survey

Canadian family businesses generally lack a communicated or documented action plan, creating a “missing middle” between the everyday nuts and bolts of running a business and the long-term vision.


Business Issues

Helping you navigate the road ahead, build value in your business and achieve the return you’re looking for requires deep understanding of the business issues that matter to you.

Our Private Company Services team understands that your business is unique and so are its challenges and opportunities. We put our vast network and knowledge to use, to tailor solutions focused on your success:


  • Advancing your business through digital and technology
  • Growing and financing your business
  • Planning your succession and creating a family legacy
  • Managing your people
  • Managing your risk
  • Meeting your accounting, tax and compliance requirements
  • Evaluating your business
  • Managing your wealth

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