Our CR Scorecard

Learn about our progress against priorities identified in our 2015 Highlights publication and our key priorities moving forward.

Community engagement

FY15 priorities

Continue to measure and enhance the impact of community volunteer activities by increasing the ratio of skillsbased volunteer experiences to 50%.

Deepen and enhance communities thinking within our business strategy by increasing the number of our people on not-for-profit boards and increasing the number of volunteer events with clients.

FY15 update

ONGOING In alignment with our global community initiative, our definition of skillsbased volunteering continues to evolve and as a result we restated how we account for it. The total number of volunteer experiences increased by 17% but the proportion of skills- based volunteering decreased to 37%.

ACHIEVED We continued to integrate communities into our firm vision and business strategy as evidenced by the introduction of our volunteer KPIs in our national business plan. We also increased the number of our people on not-for-profit boards by 12% compared to FY14.

FY16 priorities

Continue to work with our stakeholders to develop the global community initiative while maintaining current levels of volunteer engagement at 40% of the firm’s population.

In alignment with our global community initiative, develop a measurement framework to support capacity building and enhance impact on community organizations.

Environmental stewardship

FY15 priorities

Enhance our environmental programs and awareness campaign and measure our results.

Finalize and implement the new Environmental Management Plan to measure and manage many aspects of our environmental stewardship.

FY15 update

ACHIEVED Our CR committees took part in many environmentally focused activities that positively affected their communities and created awareness and engagement.

ACHIEVED We created our two-year Environmental Management Plan that helps to guide our work towards achieving sustainability goals. 

FY16 priorities

Focus our national environmental stewardship and awareness programs to align with the Environmental Management Plan and work with the PwC global network to develop global reduction targets.

Measure and manage our environmental footprint as well as the effectiveness of our Environmental Management Plan.

People, diversity and inclusion

FY15 priorities

Strengthen our people’s inclusive leadership competencies and communicate the impacts of our work. 

Continue to embed CR in learning and education platforms to help support employee behavioural change.

FY15 update

ONGOING Through the development of new programs and tools, build upon the diversity and inclusiveness of our workforce. 

ONGOING We engaged over 250 staff in an experiential case study about Corporate Responsibility during their new hire onboarding.

FY16 priorities

Work towards completing a comprehensive global evaluation of diversity and inclusion indicators at PwC which will lead to the development of a tailored approach to addressing potential diversity and inclusion barriers—especially for women in the workforce.

Help our people realize their goals as they align to CR and being a PwC professional and create a strategy for further rolling out the Think Corporate Responsibility eLearn. 

Responsible business

FY15 priorities

Continue to identify opportunities to improve responsible procurement policies—especially in paper procurement. 

Perform a readiness assessment to evaluate overall CR reporting accuracy and controls and pilot the CR training module.

FY15 update

ONGOING We undertook a review of our procurement policies and practices alongside our global network.

ACHIEVED We performed a readiness assessment as well as engaged our stakeholders in how we can make our reporting more efficient.

FY16 priorities

Work alongside our global network to identify opportunities for more collaboration in the area of supply chain management.

Implement process controls and clarify definitions in our reporting structures in time for our FY16 review of our Key Performance Indicators. 

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